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  1. Happy 'Heritage Flame Top Friday'! This 2004 Heritage Classic is an 8.1 lb Korina body/neck tone monster. And such a fun guitar to play. The Duncan 'Black-Back' pickups sound killer with any rig.
  2. @michaeljames...Check the inside of the rear access panel for a label. It might show the model and color.
  3. Congratulations to seller and buyer.
  4. My entry for Throwback Thursday (Friday) is my very first Heritage. It was love at first sight and still takes my breath away when I open her case. This 31 year old 1993 Golden Eagle has aged nicely and sounds better each year.
  5. Yours are beautiful custom gits. My Y2k Millie doesn't have a rear access panel either, but does have F-holes for limited access to electronics.
  6. Beautiful guitar, but it appears there's no control panel on the backside to access electronics. Can't see the bottom bout in the pics. Maybe there's an enlarged panel near the input jack similar to the early LP Supreme?
  7. Gibson is a master of perceived product exclusivity. They take very basic guitars and guitar-related products, add a certificate of authenticity and special packaging, then charge a premium for them. Great marketing scheme! They aren't alone however. Throbak is similar, offering high prices due to their p'ups being wound on the old Leesona, Slug 101, KZLP and Meteor 101 pickup winding machines. Great pickups...but very pricey. Also, PRS is notorious for producing high cost, exclusives on their products. Remember the 57/08 pickups? Great pickups, but they were offered at a premium price along with special packaging back in the day. At least they are still available at reasonable prices! My only beef with Gibson is that they only offered a limited amount of these new "59 Humbucker Collector Edition" pickups.
  8. Hey Will, hard to beat a set of SD Seth Lovers, especially for jazz. I put a set in my H535 and love'em.
  9. Gorgeous H555. Play it in good health.
  10. Owning two Heritage custom builds for Vince Lewis is awesome! What a great musician and early fan of old school Heritage. Vince Margol took a chance on saving Heritage by investing in and helping breathe new life into the business end of the then, struggling company. He and I spoke a couple of times by phone about his plans for Heritage, as well as a finish issue I had with my H535 goldtop. He agreed to have it refinished...at no cost to me! I greatly respected his risk taking with Heritage during their 'golden age'.
  11. Awesome H555! Did Heritage also build one of these for Vince Margol?
  12. Gorgeous custom Heritages!! How does one come up with a selling price on such unique, upgraded models? Is it based mostly on the original build cost + profit or more what the market will bear?
  13. Umm...Hastily written directions to the Men's Room at 225 Parsons Street?
  14. @MartyGrass...This one-off custom 157 gitfiddle makes me shudder each time you post it! Damn, that is gorgeous!!
  15. Aha! Now I see her initials. Awesome x2!!
  16. @FredZepp...Did Maudie Moore do the amazing inlay work?
  17. Congratulations, Mark. That is a stellar example of a great instrument! If no Roy Clark truss rod cover comes up, you might check with 'Custom Inlay, Inc.' Send them an image of what you'd like and they'll replicate it. https://custominlay.com/
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