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  1. Hi and welcome to the HOC! You may be one of the first Mimi Fox owners who posted here. (Any others feel free to chime in) And what an entrance! That is one beautiful instrument. I've always wanted to check one of those models out. Based on Mimi's videos, she seems to be an excellent teacher as well as master jazz guitarist. Great that you've found an online instructor that you like. Play it in good health.
  2. Aha! Thanks, PK. Well that settles it. Jim is still making sawdust at Heritage. They should bring back a Heritage Bass to their lineup.
  3. Tad, I am so happy for you!  (And only a little jealous).  I've been looking at SKB's for years, but above my budget.

    You are going to love that big girl.

  4. Welcome to the HOC! If you are looking for a pickup for your H575, be sure to check out Archtop.com. I had a custom wound 12-pole floater built by Kent Armstrong for my Golden Eagle and love it. https://www.archtop.com/ac_access.html
  5. Mike...Hello and Welcome to the HOC! That's a beautiful H535 you have there. And nice calipers too.
  6. Welcome to the HOC, Bobby. Thanks for sharing your Dad's very interesting history as well as his association with the master, Johnny Smith. As Skydog52 mentioned above, check for more details on the JS inside label as well as the rear of the headstock. Here's an old ad mentioning the Emrad Johnny Smith Amp. Those 100 beasts came with a JBL speaker. Must have been one loud tone monster.
  7. Wow, that one-piece top is drop dead gorgeous! And your factory tour-de-force is appropriately named "Mabil". Play it in good health, and welcome to the HOC.
  8. Wow, that is one sexy 575 you've got there! Welcome to the HOC. Play it in good health.
  9. Hey Dex, your excitement is obvious...and for obvious reasons! That is one gorgeous 535 you've scored. Congratulations and Welcome to the HOC.
  10. Gitfiddler

    Pressures Guitars

    You have amassed some of the most beautiful and creative designs of Heritage guitars! I'm certain each of them comes with their own special stories from concept to execution. Fantastic!
  11. Welcome to the cult, er, um, I mean club! Some classy looking Heritages!!
  12. That is one amazing looking 555! Welcome to the HOC.
  13. Hey TXmike59, welcome to the HOC! And thank you for the back story on that beautiful H535 #1!! Don't be a stranger.
  14. Hey Dan,

    Just a quick note.  Cool looking Harmony!  I had one like it back in the day, and still have two single pickup Stratotones. 

    Is this yours? 


  15. Welcome to the HOC, Honyock, and all of the others noted above. Beautiful H157 you've got there!! Left handed guitars have been a staple of Heritage since the beginning. I hope they continue to offer them as an option.
  16. Awesome collection, Jay! You need to have a calendar made of all of your exquisite custom Heritage's.
  17. Welcome to the HOC 'asylum' to all of the new 'recruits'. Having owned about one of each of the various Heritage models over the last 20 years, I can safely say that they are very addictive! I now consider Gibsons a gateway drug to Heritage guitars.
  18. If you get a chance, we'd sure like to know the back story on your cool quilt/korina 150.
  19. Wow a bunch of HOC newbies and lurkers have joined the party. We all started where you are. And soon, the tri-level Heritage addiction hits. First you find yourself trolling for used Heritage guitars here on the HOC, Craig's List, Reverb and Ebay. The second level is a daily scouring of Gbase and other online Heritage dealers for available new Heritage guitars. The final (and most incurable) level is calling the factory and dealers to discuss your custom order. This is incurable because it is recurring, year after year. The Heritage addiction is in full force by then. Just ask a few of us old timers. Oh, and welcome to the asylum.
  20. Welcome to the asylum! Anxious to see your new lefty 150 as well as that Hiwatt clone rig.
  21. Hey PsychoAngus, you burned up that 150 on that GnR tune!! Great stuff. Welcome to the HOC.
  22. A BIG WELCOME to all of the new HOC members from all around the world!! Heritage is a very special guitar company, making incredible instruments. The company is going through an interesting time at the moment, but they're still pumping out great guitars for us. (Check out the Winter NAMM thread). Let's see more of your amazing guitars and tell us all about them. Each one is unique...kinda like each of us! Cheers! Gitfiddler
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