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  1. I have a 147 Black Beauty built in 2013. It was a special order. Smaller and thinner than a 157 with a pointed cutaway.
  2. And I thought I was OCD on the aesthetics on my 6 Heritages. Photos when done please!
  3. Suggestion, Could you trace your pickguards and mail to the OP after he PM's you his address?
  4. Have family in Nashville. Joe Glazer's shop has a stellar reputation. My trusted luthier passed on so until I have confidence in a local shop, I'd rather not suffer an unsatisfying experience.
  5. Also, any Heritage guitar made prior to 2016 would now be vintage. Right? I strongly agree with 2016. As our parlementarian, may I suggest we hold a pole among HOC members and a super majority of 67% shall be ratified if not vetoed by the moderator.
  6. The big surprise is how loud it is acoustically. Like a flat top. Still a brain twister.
  7. Thanks Barry! Must check them out after lockdown. They are a Heritage dealer, who knew.
  8. Barry, Can I ask who in Atlanta you feel comfortable with? Last plex I did required a trip to Nashville / Joe Glaser, 500 mile round trip.
  9. Best way to keep the dog ears from flapping.
  10. Never noticed. Now that you mentioned it, same on the Gibbson MartyGrass posted.
  11. Go ahead and post some pics, that damnyankee needs to see.
  12. 1971 I was a Senior in university. Late spring of 71 they eliminated the student deferment and imposed the lottery if your number was called (up to 133) you went, I was two weeks from graduating which did not matter. Many universities when on strike as did mine.
  13. I thought Pressure has a spruce top Millie and Prospect. Also a recent post of a H530 with humbuckers is pretty close.
  14. Please do not use that term especially on Saint Patrick's day. Respect the Irish they helped build America. 🤑(this was not a serious post)
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