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  1. Unless you're a jazz guy, or even if you are, the 535 is the more versatile tool for the job. Guitar maestro John Scofield plays his semi-hollow for everything from jazz with the legends, and rock with Govt. Mule, to country. Yes, he has a country music album, or at least an album of country tunes jazzed up. Country for Old Men.
  2. For some reason, no matter how much checking and dings appear on my guitars, I'm still far more reliced.
  3. If we can find a suitable location, maybe we should consider renting a large tent, and a generator if needed.
  4. If it was built in the vintage 225 Parsons Street building, it's vintage to me.
  5. Sweet set of Riveras. Mine is the ultimate incarnation of a Champ.
  6. Vintage 2008 H-150 with ThroBak SLE 100s. Vintage 2015 H-535 with ThroBak ER Customs.
  7. I'm really happy with a Warehouse Guitar Speaker in my Rivera Champ II. https://wgsusa.com/comment/1141 Since Vaughn at Warehouse Guitar Speakers put a WGS G10A in his Rivera Champ II, I thought I’d give it a try. I really like the upgrade. Bigger and cleaner than the stock speaker for sure. He also likes it in a Princeton as well. https://wgsusa.com/blog/best-replacement-speaker-fender-68-custom-princeton-reverb
  8. "The brand is 'The Heritage'. I quite like that."
  9. 5 quarters = 1 oz. 80 quarters = 1 lb. Math gets foggy in triple digits.
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