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  1. I'm not sure that i can add much either,but I do have a 1980's H575,a H555 and a Golden and Super Eagle.I would go along with tfb in that the H575 is a guitar tat one feels at home with,it's just a wonderfull instrument and if i was looking for a jazz guitar one of these would not disapoint you.For blues the H555 would be fine,although a H535 would do the job just as well,but quite as flash. My Golden and Super Eagles are obviously built for jazz,i prefer the Golden to the Super just in terms of the smaller body,also my Golden is an acoustic guitar with an under top K&
  2. In my case my ageing is due to my age !!!
  3. That has to be a bargain,even going back a few years .Mine cost £1950 !
  4. Cynical sense of humour.Who,me ?
  5. It seems to me that "vintage" came about because of perceived down periods in a company's history e.g. Fender 1965-87 ish,Gibbons Norlin period,Martin 1970's when it was felt that the company's product prior to this period was superior.I dont recall Rickenbacker for example having a "down" period hence no great desire for a "vintage" Ricky over current production.Likewise I dont feel that Heritage have ever had a period when quality has slipped to a undesirable level,in which case I dont feel that the term is applicable is appropriate.Some may feel that there could be
  6. How would you describe a used relic Strat (or any other brand),"mint,as new conditon"? Personally I cant stand reliced guitars,I like new condition,and if they wind up with marks on them then I did it !
  7. Confirm that my 1988 Golden Eagle and 1998 Super Eagle have wood scratch plates but NOT my 2004 H150 Ultra.
  8. I have a 1964 ES330 described as TDC, the C indicating cherry red but the guitar is sunburst. As has been said mistakes do happen.
  9. Certainly on my 555 and 575.It's late here in the U.K.,and I cant remember for sure on my 150 Ultra,Golden and Super Eagles but will look tomorrow.
  10. What a beautiful piece of wood the neck is made from,is that really a one piece neck ?
  11. Some of the comments in this posting seem to be coming very close to slagging someone off politically which would seem to be against the required spirit of this forum ( I have no side to take),Hopefully people could be a little careful over what is said here.
  12. "D" serial number would indicate 1987,Super Eagles werent introduced until 1988 and with sprucetops. If it was a Golden Eagle the lower bout would be 17" and from that period would have the "X of 1000" marking on the back of the headstock.So if as you show a mahogany top would be a custom Eagle. My 1988 Super Eagle is 103 of 1000 to give an indication of time span .Of course after the first 1000 this extra marking ceased.
  13. Lovely guitar but I''ll bet your daughter is more so.Happy birthday to her.
  14. Just caught a small part of episode 2 of this competition shown on SkyArts television in the U.K. tonight. The feature judge in this episode is George Benson,and one of the competitors was playing jazz on an early H575 with the black plastic covers (I didnt catch the competitors name) and George commented on how wonderful the guitar sounded.The guitar was o sort of orangey yellow colour with matching wood scratchplate and a tuner or something hiding the Heritage name on the headstock,possibly to avoid free advertising.None of the other guitars were showing headstock n
  15. Looks just like my H150 Ultra.
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