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  1. PSP III - which I believe was 2010; 11 years ago... man does time sure fly.
  2. I've been looking for it ever since I posted that this morning. No luck as of yet, but not giving up.
  3. I've seen the photographic evidence! Although I was surprised to see that Orville's ghost was the spitting image of @big bob
  4. Looks like Kensington Metropark has some picnic shelters open for reservation (I checked a couple of random July Saturdays). That's all about I have for ideas, keeping within the same general area. https://web1.myvscloud.com/wbwsc/mihuronclintonwt.wsc/search.html?Action=Start&frwebsearch_search=Yes&location=104-1&type=Picnic+Shelter&module=FR
  5. No experience with any of these, but here’s my take just based on what I see on their sites: Home of tone and Charles looked the cleanest to me - six string looked like it had some potentially cold solder joints; and if that’s what they used for their website example, I’d personally question the quality of what they’d be sending out to me. Between home of tone and Charles - hot appears to use an unknown rebranded capacitor (they list as a mustard style, if I had to guess, they’re probably mallory’s - which are cheap, but still good reliable caps); while Charles appears to use Jupiter
  6. What Steiner said. Though you still fell compelled to remove the knob; I usually take a microfiber cloth, or some other thin cloth like material, slide it under the knob, then sort of wrap and use the towel to pull it off. If not enough clearance for that, a piece of yarn/string would be my backup plan. My parting note - if it's not a totally sealed pot, then usually you can work in some deoxit stuff from the backside around where the wiring terminal lugs reside. (disclaimer: make sure amp is off and caps are discharged).
  7. Fantastic! Extremely high quality builds. And Dave West was an awesome person. I once ordered some west labs transformers and other various parts for some builds from him, and when he realized I was in Michigan he invited me over to pick them up in person. Gave me the full tour of his home, including his studio setup and rooms chocked full of amps and parts. We talked amps for what was probably hours, and he shared quite a bit of his wisdom with me. Was very sad to hear when he passed back in 2015.
  8. And you could wango tango on this gitfiddle for as low as a $2500 starting bid.
  9. Happy birthday to the wee one, and congrats on the new addition!
  10. Yeah, I think remember that. At the Country Inn I believe. I think HFB went in as the representative for our group; and while I'm not sure what words were exchanged, all I can say is that none of us went to jail that night, lol.
  11. Nice work, looking good!
  12. It is plausible, and def worth swapping around some 12AX7's for troubleshooting before diving any deeper into it.
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