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  1. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a mess like that come out of the factory before. Stranger things have happened though. Either way, I'd be doing a wholesale electronics change on that. Get rid of it all and start over fresh. Would be interested in seeing the refinishing progress
  2. Well, I said before that if they ever introduced a pelham blue with P90's, my wallet would be powerless to resist... Someone at Heritage must be calling my bluff now -
  3. Congrats! And thank you for snagging it before I caved, lol.
  4. The best burst color there is! Congrats!
  5. My sockets feel much more secure and layered now.
  6. That is a great color, one of the best shades of green I've seen on a guitar, congrats!
  7. Those are some mighty fine noises
  8. It depends on the amp; but a good chunk of them it will work on; and can get some cool stereo and reverb like effects from it too. But doesnt work for all. Some may end up out of phase (sound waves will partially cancel each other out; having a detrimental effect on the Tone and volume); some may cause an oscillation (hiss, screech, bad feedback); and some may not have inputs wired in a way that will daisy chain (may send signal to ground).
  9. Also known as daisy chaining. You're basically using one amps set of inputs as a sort of "Y" cable to play through both amps at the same time. Guessing he's using one pointed at himself as a monitor.
  10. Yep, zinsser amber shellac
  11. Happy NAD! I'm with bolero on lacquering or shellacking it. I always liked to use amber shellac on raw tweeds. I think that would look great over the natural patina it's developed; and help keep it from deteriorating.
  12. It was great seeing you again too Brent! Great demo video
  13. Awesome, I really dig that oxblood color.
  14. Great comparison! I'm a fan of Gotoh tuners, so I always tend to jump in to defend here... but Heritage stock tuners are not Gotoh. They are very similar, probably a direct knockoff (shape/style wise); but as PK said, Heritage stock tuners are MIC and poorly made. Gotoh's are MIJ and high quality.
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