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  1. You’re looking at one of the thickest parts of the guitar body, so expected that the cap would be reasonably thick in that area.
  2. Happy NGD! The original pickups may have been schallers, which used a pickup ring with double adjustment screws on each side. That’s about all the advice I can think to give without pics or more info. I wouldn’t worry too much about using an oem part there; just whatever works and matches the color scheme. I wonder what pickups you have in there now? Specially if maybe a bridge pickup got installed in the neck position - the legs can be a little taller in bridge pups, which has me wondering. Could explain why you’ve got no more adjustment room. The pickup ring doesn’t have much bearing on that (unless it’s too tall of a ring; maybe it’s a bridge ring?)
  3. As a tonewood, basswood is just fine; I’ve had a basswood strat before and it was a fairy lightweight and resonant body. It’s just a very uninspiring looking wood. As a reference, a lot of the hobby wood you’d see at a big box craft store, is basswood.
  4. Quick rough demo with the H157 Triple Mini, 5 watt mode; my left hand is still a little uncooperative from my injury last year, and I suffer from "play can't fur **** syndrome" anytime I hit the record button; but it's something, lol.
  5. Took a risk and made a trade deal for a non-functioning Jubilee 2525C (reverse)... and all it ended up being was a blown HT fuse inside the chassis. One preamp was slightly microphonic and a bit fizzy, but made equally short work of that. This little thing rocks! 20 Watts via 2 EL34's, with a built in 5 watt attenuator, that does an excellent job of retaining the tone and dynamics in low power mode. At 20 watts, my dogs left the room and my daughter went in search of ear plugs. PCB construction, but hand wired in the UK. G12M Greenback speaker.
  6. It may need a trip back down there sometime.
  7. I've always dreamed of a bolt on neck Centurion with a painted basswood top!
  8. ...but it is it's solid body step cousin! Figured we could all use an extra pallet cleanse after seeing the bolt-on neck overseas thread.
  9. Seeing the Centurion is always a great way to start the New Year!
  10. For the fake question; there have been counterfeit Heritages... but far less common than the chenders and chibsons. Even then, it would mostly be the 150 that was copied. Seems rather unlikely to land a fake 535, but once you post some pictures, we can help identify any potential red flags. As far as specs, I don't think I recall ever seeing a measurements sheet with any of my Heritages. Usually the factory would do a general ball park setup, with some expectation that the player was going to do the final setup to their specific preferences. Usually it's set the action height/adjust truss as needed, fine tune the intonation using a tuner (open string vs 12th fret); then finally set desired pickup height. When in doubt, always good to consult a trust local luthier.
  11. Some variation over the years is plausible… sometimes they’d just use whatever they happened to have on hand at the time. But, typically it would be swithcraft.
  12. Oh man, that's one of those that's been sitting on my amp bucket list for a long time now; I wouldn't have been able to resist the opportunity to take it home either.
  13. If you happen to live anywhere near Lansing, MI; would highly recommend Elderly.
  14. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a mess like that come out of the factory before. Stranger things have happened though. Either way, I'd be doing a wholesale electronics change on that. Get rid of it all and start over fresh. Would be interested in seeing the refinishing progress
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