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  1. Date it with pot codes...?
  2. bethster, it goes without saying (except for the fact you know no one here), but I'll say it anyway. The advice on this thread is from people who know what they're talking about. That's a lovely 575 (and the HRW pickups [the two magnetic microphones under the strings] are a bit of a unicorn around this forum)!
  3. You're right, Rich. I recall Edwin Wilson saying that the CC tops were spec'd to the carve of a particular Burst he liked. I've compared my CC to my '06 25th Anniversary, and the CC's top carve is much shallower! To keep the break angle at the back of the bridge right on the CC, my tailpiece is not nearly buried. The flat flange on the bottom of the tailpiece stud is 1/8" off the top. Seems counterintuitive though. That's with the original hardware.
  4. Don't think they actually lost the order, Bird. But it was a long time in the making...something like fifteen months. They were just getting their act together after the fire. And Daniel, it's a stock Super Eagle, except for the pickups. Those are Lollar P-90's. I spec'd the details on the almond burst finish by sending some pics. They nailed it. It looks nothing like the color pic. Red stage lights completely wash out the colors and the gradations of the burst. There aren't many P-90 Supers floating around. Marty Grass may have a better idea than I do, but I don't think there are ten of 'em, total. And Ren wasn't happy about doing it because he had to fabricate just-right shims for mounting the pickups. I really like those knobs because I don't have to look at them at all, on the fly. I know the sweep, and I just have to feel where they are within the 275-or-so degrees.
  5. I'm a Big Fan of the Custom Cores! That's just a great looking guitar! I've always loved Gold Tops, and that green has a similar color value to a good Gold Top, yet it's unique. Back's very nice, too! Stunner!
  6. Good to see the "LOL," Josh. That was, after all, my intent. Love that big ol' box!
  7. I resemble that remark. This happened to be a gig in a club in Memphis.
  8. Well...there ya are. From our resident "Been There; Owned That," Joe Friday. "Just the facts, ma'am." Good simple A/B, Brent! Nicely done.
  9. As gorgeous and unique a specimen as one could find...and only you could find one, Brent! A stunner! Congrats!
  10. Very cool artifact! And equally cool that you want to Lazarus the piece! When "Brentrocks" chimes in (and there are a few others), take heed. He was tight with the principals, hung out at Parsons Street a ton before the sale, and has owned and modded more Heritage 150's than you can shake a tail feather at! Have fun! Finish checking and funky binding look terrific!
  11. Two amps = PITA...unless you have Bonamassa's crew and tech. What Tim (Gitfiddler) said.
  12. Then there's two of us! Mine's a lifetimer!
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