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  1. I have the pics on my iMac now, and am waiting on instructions from the resident photo wiz (or anyone, actually) on how to resize them to post. They're too large. I've recently sent two Custom Shop Lesters packing in anticipation of this one. Saving my observations for a review that'll be too long, which I hope to post soon.
  2. Thanks, Bird! Given how busy I've been, that's really tempting. And your photographs of Heritage guitars are definitive (that one of the 137...!), and this one's a looker!! But the kids are coming in from Reno tomorrow for a long-ish stay. We haven't seen them in a year-and-a-half. Lots of catching up to do!
  3. Well...it arrived yesterday. I have a lot of plates in the air, and I really don't want to give this instrument short shrift. Pictures will be a challenge, as this computer's iPhoto function is dead. I'll have to make other arrangements for that, I'm afraid. But I'm writing up a comprehensive review, which requires spending time I don't have right now with the guitar. Just imagine a little spinning beach ball here, for the time being. Doing the best I can....
  4. Thanks, Lyle, but I'm an Apple guy, and the pics are gone from the site, so it's moot. And congratulations to you and Marg! A letter forthcoming.
  5. Thanks so much, Josh.... Though if you want the really good lowdown, Daniel's your man! I'll do the best I can, though. And I'll have to become reacquainted with the song-and-dance for posting pictures. There were some good ones on the shop website, but I couldn't pull them. Really looking forward to this one!
  6. Agree completely on Edwin Wilson, Daniel. One of the reasons I wanted a Custom Core was that I thought the pickups had a good chance of being something special, given what I could suss from the better demos. And you bet, on the Custom Buckers! Had those in the 20th Anniversary, and the only thing I'd take them out for are the PAF's. Compare/contrast between the Custom Core and the 20th Ann. should really be fun! Had a good, quick, cut-to-the-chase series of exchanges with Clint at Lark Guitars over the purchase. He seemed to think the one I tagged was the best one he'd seen. Kind of a p
  7. Tim, you are, as always, right on top of things! That R4 was one of the best, coolest guitars I've ever had the pleasure of owning!! Some of the best stuff I've ever recorded was with that one. Very, very tough to let it go! Apparently it went to a big studio guy in LA, so I can take a lot of comfort in the fact that it'll get plenty of work. But you know (and you do), "[T]he moving finger writes, and having written...."
  8. Thanks, Rich! I've been uncommonly lucky online (though maybe I shouldn't say anything just yet). Lark Guitars are in San Antonio, and Clint, with whom I dealt, couldn't have been cooler nor more sharp! Really quick, hip communications! And that R7 Goldtop is at a friend's shop, on the block...but the PAF's are now in my 20th Anniversary 150. Blasphemy, anyone?! So a comparison should be pretty interesting! And Lyle, my 20th Ann. is a standard by which any 150 should be measured...and the Custom Core will be. I'm particularly interested in differences, and, as Rich noted, how the 225 P
  9. Oooops! Thought perhaps the link would stay good. Apparently not. Sorry! But it's an aged Custom Core 150 in tobacco burst. Not wildly flamed at all, but some strong horizontal figure. Dark brown rim fades to golden on the belly.
  10. Thanks, Will. Actually, I've been downsizing. I've sold a McInturff, an R4, a Whitfill, a vintage Silvertone, and put a PRS DGT and an R7 on the block. Been very intrigued by the Custom Cores, and this one spoke to me. Wasn't exactly looking for it, but it kind of found me. Have yet to see one in the flesh, but the Heritage sponsored demos are really good and piqued my interest. Been a Lester guy forever, and have played a pile of vintage ones, but my "retirement wealth" doesn't include a disposable $300K to snag one. And as I've thought about all the stuff I have, the fact I don't gig
  11. I can resist anything other than temptation.... https://larkguitars.com/collections/electrics-heritage-guitar-inc/products/heritage-custom-shop-core-collection-h-150-artisan-aged-tobacco-sunburst
  12. How many of you guys advocating against the "authenticity" of relic'ing own a pair of stonewashed jeans?
  13. Haven't, Daniel.... He doesn't live in town, and don't know him that well. He's a friend of friends.
  14. I know a guy who's obsessive about Trini's. He has a dozen or more of the vintage G-brand originals.
  15. There's a quote I never thought I'd see...! And Marty, they are just stunning works of art!
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