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  1. Cool pics - nice you've having fun w/your new band. I spy a guitar player behind you in that last pic thinking to himself 'I woulda suspended that Bb...' Tell us more about your Hatt(?) amp. Not familiar w/those.
  2. Lovely weight. Congrats on the incoming inspiration rod. Yeh, looking forward to your impressions. Don't make your review too good... I don't need any more incomings...
  3. Fun idea! Went to high school near that park in Walled Lake.
  4. Nice vid. That 330 sound sure tickles the lust factor...
  5. Thanks - saw and enjoyed reading that article. in the 70s, after he (Dave) broke ties with the West brand and prior to getting into software, he had a storefront in Lansing on Michigan Ave where he branded/built/sold 'P.A.S' power amps and 'Milo' cabinets. The bass player in our band at the time worked for him building cabs and generally watching the store. As such, a side benefit to the band was big PA and truck to haul it in (same band had a B3/Leslie guy and I was using an Ampeg V4 had/cab so lotsa heavy stuff). Before I'd met Dave, I knew of him and his amps and had a West speaker cab
  6. Well done, Jeff. Beautiful. Shame to cover 'em up with a bunch of painted metal boxes...
  7. Around the 0:55 for a few seconds, one can get a view of the top carve. Does look nice and deep. Really is a striking instrument. See one listed at 8lb, 5 oz so nice and light. Sounds like a Les Paul... Me thinks a good move on Heritage's part. Get a light weight, well finished and appointed USA made guitar out there on the GibNash and PRS level that's carried by most all on line outlets. Hope the core line is successful.
  8. You've perhaps already done this, but after setup (new strings, relief, intonation, nut slot height, string height), check nut slots (width, smooth slots, lube). Then bridge slots and tailpiece break angle. Ensure tuners are tight. Apologies if stating the obvious, but it's lower odds that quality tuners such as grovers are causing tuning issues.
  9. Sticker reflects 'ALMSB' finish... which think is Always Lugubriously Melodic Sensational Band
  10. Like the looks of that rig, Tim! I went on a similar thought process and hunt and a bandmate liked the Vox ac10c1 limited edition he'd just bought (creamback spkr) so I got one of those. Light weight combo and it does that Vox thing really well in the home so hoping it works well on the gig, also. Built an od pedal kit to go with it as well.
  11. Vintage burst - yes, think that's what my 525 is. I really like how Heritage bursts look - great examples!
  12. Playing around the house w/o plugging in while working on chord voicings. These sound great unplugged, especially the hollow 525 w/the 'reverb adding' tailpiece. 535 I believe is 'sunset burst'. Can't recall the 525 burst flavor... natural burst? But anyway, 'bursts have the best tone...
  13. Nice - sounds like it's coming together.
  14. Ha! Gotta watch those full wallets. Glad you had a fun gig - sad to see a long standing venue close.
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