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  1. Good question: the variety of P90 vs humbuckers with a 575/530 pairing is appealing But a 575/535 pairing would work too, as they are also substantially different sounding instruments IMO. P90s can pick up a lot of external noise, and all the wifi/cell/EM noise from our exponentially increasing technology can be problematic, if that is an issue for you. I thought I heard aliens talking through my P90s the other day. maybe it's not just us
  2. Funny: A friend of mine worked in a backing band on a cruise ship for a while. Apparently Trini Lopez had a brother who played music as well: he sat in with them once, and there was a big announcement from someone front of house, or holding a mic. The bass player turned to my friend and said " who the f*** is Trini Lopez?? " and it was picked up by another stage mic + pumped thru the PA 😆
  3. Maybe one of the big 60's moon rockets would fit there? *edit* or a black SR71 shaped cover, outlined in pearl? Or you could use a sheet of titanium
  4. Oh wow, Congratulations Yoslate!! looking forward to pics, and reading your assessment/comparisons
  5. Haha, that's it!! Willie Dixon also approves ;)
  6. I always thought the Eagle was a really nice tribute to some iconic American achievements. They are fantastic instruments: I even like the quilted one there! At one PSP I hadn't brought a guitar with me, so asked Pete if they happened to have a spare guitar I could hold as a prop for the group photo. Well, I almost fell over when he came out with a large hollowbody case that was red, white, and blue. " is that what I think it is?? " he just smiled & handed it to me. I opened the case and it really blew my mind when I saw it. I couldn't believe it, I just wanted any old gt
  7. Thx for the higher res pics! Is that serial B00301? Or D00301?
  8. I always liked "The Heritage" the best But when you're stoking the fire, who looks up at the mantle piece?
  9. that is a sweet guitar!!
  10. What was I thinking? Mustang Sally/GTO was John Lee Hooker, not Lightnin' Hopkins...3am brain fade Nice pedalboards Rockabilly. I've been tempted by the RE20 because they look like the old tape echo's; but they take up a lot of space for an echo, and I have never been able to try one out. But if you're using one, I guess that's all the justification I need. You like it?
  11. no, more of a rural/farm joke....if anyone has ever cut the head off a chicken, with an axe, you might get it
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