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  1. A few years back when I bought my 58 reissue Tele from Sweetwater they forwarded me shop pics of the guitar (about a dozen) from every angle, front back and sides. Maybe Clint can do that for you!
  2. That makes sense, you found a logical and practical way to fund the new baby. Look forward to your review of it once you take delivery!
  3. What else to do with all that retirement wealth?? Congratulations. Looks like a beauty! I saw a few of those in person several weeks ago.
  4. I don't put any harness's on my guitars, I like them to roam freely!
  5. Thanks Paul! I am happy for him too. He is indeed a super guy and very talented builder.
  6. Paul, is this our "former Heritage Arnie"?
  7. Some crack is awesome, other crack is not!
  8. A few years ago, well before this Artisan ageing thing appeared, I bought a Heritage H150 in VSB. It was my second VSB 150, the first of which I sold to DavesNotHere. I think Dave has since sold it also. But when I got the second one, I was agast with horror! The seller did not disclose the massive checking on the top and the complete checking of the back side! There was also a small gash on the lower bout near the input jack. The photos he posted on Ebay did not show any of this. Anyhow, upon my request, he refunded me $150 back. I am very happy I made that purchase. I got a really nice alrea
  9. That is funny Tim, and I didn't even pick up on that. Maybe I can blame it on old age!
  10. I don't understand...........................is this a Canadien thang?
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