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  1. Whether we realize it or not, we all believe that guitars are individuals. We all accept that there are lemons. If you don't agree with that idea, put it to the test conceptually. Would you buy a guitar without trying it first if you could not return it or in any way leverage for a refund? In other words would you trust that guitar was satisfactory just by the brand name and the year it was made? I can't imagine doing that. Even buying a guitar off the forum in part depends on the reputation of the seller, which could be harmed by bad feedback and thus provide some leverage. We know
  2. It's funny about pickups and really all things related to electric guitars. The menu has a thousand selections and each person has his/her favorites. It reminds me of when Ted McCarty had a young Pete Moreno drive a truck out to the dump to get rid of a very large number of original and unused PAF pickups because 225 Parsons needed the room. About 20 years later Pete bought boxes of Gibbons items that were being left behind in the move to Nashville. Each box was $10. One of the boxes had among its contents five new Charlie Christian pickups still in the plastic. Two sayings come
  3. There's nothing finer for that old school jazz playing. Lollar Low Winds are a great choice.
  4. Shims are how you adjust the pickup height. I will bet most people don't add shims. If the 530 always came with shims, most wouldn't take them out. Shims are for fussy people. Most people adjust the screw heights, which fine tunes things but doesn't raise the magnet and coil. I use shims to alter the tone and reduce hum. Some people prefer a lower pickup though.
  5. That makes sense. You should be good.
  6. I'm surprised that you can't adjust the bridge placement (scale length) for the intonation to be reasonably close. I have heard of that coming close to happening on one other Heritage though. Out of curiosity, which strings are out of pitch at the 12th fret and are they too high or low? I have seen the nut slots not being filed properly and causing intonation problems. If you put a capo on the first fret you can eliminate that possibility. Tune the guitar properly F-A#-D#-G#-C-F, play each note an octave higher on the same string as the open note, and see if you can achieve good i
  7. Not exclusive to Heritage. It's Kalamazoo lexdysia.
  8. Your story reminds me of some of the earlier Heritage guitars. While usually the labels were legible and correct, sometimes they were very sparse and occasionally just plain wrong. I have some that say only H-535. Others give the finish and serial number. Some have signatures. There were a lot of variables. The P-90 shims depended on who put the electronics on the guitar. The slanted screw may be from the pickup originally being mounted without a shim and a shim was added at reassembly. Adding the shim later may have required more pressure to seat the screw since that screw was ori
  9. Some of the older ones either escaped the factory without a label or lost it over the years. I haven't seen the penciling before though. Someone familiar with Heritages would be able to tell by looking at the guitar. It should be well made with the ear marks of a human building it, not a machine.
  10. The wax idea is a great idea. I also put a drop of oil on the screw threads before sinking it.
  11. The 575 is pretty light, so end grain (1 and 2) should work. It has for me. #1 pushes the neck to the left further. That might be too much for some players, particularly with a 25.5" neck. #3 worries me if there isn't a block under the rim. #5 rotates the guitar top to the floor a little. The ones I've liked best are 2 and 4. Some come from the factory with #3, which seems okay, too.
  12. It's in my Audiobooks cue.
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