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  1. Heck, if it plays and sounds good and you got it cheap, hang on to it. I've got a G&L Tribute ASAT that's just feels great. Only cost $300 used. That's less that I paid for my Guild S100 in 1974. It doesn't HAVE to be expensive to be a good guitar.
  2. Absolutely true! I have seen that in the audiophile world for 30 years, and its the same when you look at playing or recording music. We all have a sound we like, and tend to gravitate towards. There's no absolute "truth" in what a guitar, amp, piano, microphone, or even a voice should sound like. It's simply if you like it or not. Heck, I've even heard that some people like the taste of broccoli! 🤮
  3. For me, the differences seemed to be in the pickups. The Heritage was darker, fatter, and lower in output. The LP broke up more on with the gain telling me it had more output, and started to get edgy to me. The PRS was way too bright and seemed to be hotter than either of the other two. I don't know that the nut makes the big difference that they were noting, unless you're playing lots of open cowboy chords. For me, once you hit the frets, the nut pretty much drops out of the equation.
  4. I like the feel and the look of ebony, but I don't hear the massive difference that some people claim. I can make a bigger difference by changing which pick I use. Maybe I don't have "Eric Johnson" ears.
  5. You're absolutely right! I don't know what they were hearing in the room but in the video around the 11:30 mark where he says "we're operating in the same tone range" and "Pretty spot on"..... NOT! Its like comparing a H150 to a Telecaster on bridge pickup. Maybe it is the loudspeaker. I know that speakers make a huge difference, but that's something that could EASILY be changed. Even with the Bandmaster, there's still a pretty good difference between the Cub and the normal channel.
  6. HA! for me that would mean playing it for a year or two before the strings get properly wound on the posts!!
  7. There are times that I wish I had gotten a 555 instead of the 535, I like bling, block inlays and binding. But I can whip out the 535 and get totally lost playing it, so I guess that's the important thing. .. I do have a 157, so I can always pull that out if I want the fancy look. .......................... Pressure, you really ought to look into getting a custom made guitar. I think you would like it! 😁
  8. Excellent playing. Glad to hear that the Sweet 16 fits you so well. It's making a lovely sound.
  9. That's good to hear. I also like my Seth Lovers, along with the Alnico Pro IIs. I was really curious of how the 225s stack up.
  10. I have a couple of guitars without pickguards. I really wish I had them, as I tend to rest my little finger below the E string, and the nail tends to scratch the surface. Given the choice, I'll use the guard every time. I agree that the 530 should come with a pickguard, just like the 535. The logic in not including one escapes me.
  11. I guess I didn't really pay attention to the fact that the Custom Core models were available both normal and artisan aged. I thought the aging was part of the custom core process.
  12. Sweet! Very interesting that your Custom Core doesn't show the same type of aging on the metal parts as the one that Yoslate posted. Does it have the finish checking that is on other Custom Core H150s? I've looked at some of the CC H150s listed on Reverb. Many have shiny hardware, a few have the aged hardware. I wonder if the degree of aging is an "option".
  13. I've seen a couple of 576s. My best guess is that most jazz players are more looking for the full hollow sound that you get from the 575, Eagle, etc. The rock crowd goes more for the thinner semihollow style. So it becomes a bit of an "in-between" style. Its a bit like the 525, which is hollow but also laminate and a bit thinner than the 575. That doesn't mean it's not a great guitar (it is.... I've got one), but it's a different sound from the 575. As for why it was discontinued, up until a couple of years ago, you could probably order a new one, since they still had all of t
  14. I like the color on that one. It's not as much brown/black as some tobacco bursts that I've seen. I like the lighter/reddish tone. It looks almost like an almond sunburst, but not quite as red. You chose well.
  15. I'm still wondering what "new guitars" Heritage has launched. Since I got my first Heritage in 2003, they really haven't made anything different, just various enhancements on the basic models.
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