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  1. @High Flying Bird I think what I like best about that picture is the Natty Light hanging casually about your head. I'm sure that was the only one consumed that evening. Lol
  2. I appreciate all the responses so far, and while I definitely agree with @MartyGrass about good vs bad years being somewhat man-created myths we tell ourselves I am also aware that in any business there are tangible reasons behind changes that are deployed. These reasons are often surrounded by the product being created just before the changes are implemented; hence, my hesitancy for the transition-era guitars. It seems from the responses that I shouldn't be overly concerned. And, per usual, the try before you buy adage reigns supreme. I was kinda hoping you all woul
  3. Curious what your take is with the guitars from '16-'17 when the company sold, but before all the changes (facility clean up, plekking, employee turnover, etc.) were made. I have a 2011 and a 2018 which are both great. Is there anything to worry about with these transition years? Should they command the same price point as pre/post transition years?
  4. Beauty. I love that matching pickguard and truds rod cover over that golden amber. Nice story. Sounds like you'll have to hold onto that one for a while.
  5. I first saw the top and was intrigued, then I saw the neck and was all in. Then I saw the price and was bummed out. Fortunately, the seller worked with me to get the price to a point where I was all in. This is my first 150 and I can't put her down.
  6. I'd choose my girl any day of the week. Louise arrived the day before Lorelei's birthday, so I had to postpone my NGD a couple days while I set up the house for the bday party and celebrated. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.
  7. Exactly! It's not selfish, just forward thinking. Lol
  8. In honor of my daughter's 4th birthday, I decided to make an addition to the family. Meet Louise. She enters the room with an attitude, sucks the tone out and spits it right back in your face. She looks grumpy, but once she opens up she'll shower you with sweet, sugary goodness. We are bonding nicely.
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