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  1. Seriously: sometimes I'm embarrassed to tell people I play gtr, with all of this ridiculous bullshit going on.
  2. Oops I guess mine was a 576. One digit off, either way.
  3. Yeah I had a boutique LP replica with a huge neck. Tracked the builder down & he shaved it to something more manageable. I got carpal tunnel from playing that thing.
  4. I can't see anything, just a blank space...where is the video hosted? I gave you a like anyway: I'm sure it sounds just as good as your other clips!
  5. Both gorgeous guitars! Congratulations
  6. all good advice! I can't remember what I had in my 574. Duncans I think? Sounded good. Nice to hear JS Moore getting some kudos, he did make great pickups. Lost touch with him, he sort of disappeared. I hope he's doing well. He made me a set of vintage spec firebird pups too. I also am a fan of Wolfetones
  7. Fulltone makes high quality stuff. I didn't know they stopped. Their tape echoes are amazing.
  8. Yeah gorgeous guitars. Glad I got a couple figments of my imagination built into reality. To quote Joni Mitchell: " you don't know what you've got til it's gone ".
  9. No, that is definitely Jackie Treehorn's signature
  10. I'd play them both & pick the one I like better. Too many variables otherwise, no hard & fast rules IMO
  11. Glad it made it! "Carefully!!" Indeed. Looks like it made a trip through bear country with a jar of peanut butter packed inside.
  12. I believe that's Jackie Treehorn's signature
  13. Looks like "B. Scribble" to me? Or maybe it's Hieroglyphs. "Tree & Mountain, by the Sea"
  14. Oh yeah!!! That's more like it. The earlier pics never showed up for me. Outrageous ( in a good way ) guitar!! Congrats! Hey I think I have one of the posters you made up. My wall space is limited where I am though
  15. Yes what kbp810 said...more details please? Do the pups bottom out? If so maybe the legs are too long for the cavity. If they are loose & wobble around you may just need longer springs.
  16. Yeah that's nice too! Dig the orange. And back to Roy Clark: one of the best musicians, ever. RIP
  17. Congrats!! That's beautiful I think that's basically a thinner H574? Which is a good thing, as the H574 I owned used to trap my hand in the cutaway. Thinner body is probably fine. Similar to an H535
  18. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if that pickup had any more balls, it'd have hair on it!
  19. Well that's good to know about Francis Drake! Thanks for looking that up. I have no opinion on Heritage bolt on necks. What I think has no relevance on what they decide to do. It will put more Heritage guitars in peoples hands, and as I said before, tap into a profitable market segment.
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