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  1. Buncha mean-lookin' dudes in that band.
  2. What he said.....
  3. Condolences, Ron. The good guys are disappearing.
  4. 2001 Millie H155. Got to credit the late Ed Roman for this one. Way back in 2004 I had been considering buying a 'good' guitar after 30+ years of not playing more than a couple of hours per year on my kinda-crappy Framus acoustic (you likely know how kids, career, and life in general tend to take up your time). Ed's enthusiasm for everything Heritage really caught my eye, although I had never heard of them. Then, lo and behold a used H155 on consignment shows up on the 12th Fret's website. Based on Ed's praise for the brand, I made the trip to Toronto and tried it out. It was quite unlike any guitar I had previously played....obviously superior quality and workmanship, and extremely easy to play. Thought the asking price was a bit high, and offered $100 less. Being a consignment instrument, the guy at the store phoned the guitar's owner, who happened to be on his fishing boat somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of Canada at the time. Fortunately, he accepted my offer, and I took that Millie home. The only flaw on it was some nitro deterioration on the headstock where it had hung on a wall hanger. (And amazingly enough, this nitro damage has magically healed itself over the past 18 years, and is now undetectable!!) Some time ago, in an inexplicable fit of uncharacteristic insanity, I sold it. Took me about a year to realize how incredibly stupid that was, and managed to buy it back. The Seth Lovers were changed to Mark Atkinson 38 Special single coils a few years ago, giving it an interesting and unique voice. I have used it on a lot of recordings. A keeper for sure. Four other Heritages have found their way to me, and I still have three, a beautiful trans cherry H535, the blue 20th Anniversary H150, and the Millie.
  5. After watching this, I will no longer feel bad about bending my head way over to see what the hell my fingers are doing. Even if it's hard on the back.
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