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  1. welcome Kenny, The factory tour is cool, and once you've been there, GAS is undeniable. Nice choice on the 535 as your first foray into the Heritage realm. Many will suggest that if you were only gonna have one, the 535 is the best choice. Lots of threads regarding pickups in a 535 on here. Dig around or post a question. Most guys just go for a vintage PAF (SO many winders to choose from). Curious, you own a 335 already, why another semi so similar? Or are you simply thinking upgrade?
  2. welcome to the fray. That's a sweet guitar. If you pull the plate off the control cavity in the back, it will tell you the model number and possibly what the original pickups were. Seems someone did some swapping of the pickups and the rings, and if they did that, they may have also changed the harness. There are guys here who can recall some of the older guitars and variations better than I, but that looks like an H-140, but without a maple cap. Maybe an H-140P or something similar. Pull the cover and solve the mystery. The D in the serial number tells you it's a 1987 build, early in
  3. Welcome Speedy, aside from being a fantastic guitar, yours has royal provenance...we miss those guys around here Hope you can find reasons to contribute. cheers
  4. Officially, Welcome aboard DVM. Gents, I can tell you, Bob will be a welcome addition to our community, although he's not done much for my savings account. this amp this Klone this 'verb pedal are all his handiwork, and damn him, if I don't constantly stalk him looking to see what other goodies he may be casting aside. Bob post that 18w clone here, there may well be some interested parties. And Gio (et al), DVM is a proud member of the Boogie Brigade, with a 5:25, and I believe a TA15 in his stable. Seriously afflic
  5. i complimented your purchase, but didn't welcome you aboard. sooooo....welcome aboard. You sure know how to make an entrance.
  6. great entrance to the fold! Beautiful 150! Welcome
  7. kidsmoke


    My Heritage guitar
  8. permission to steal and use as desktop wallpaper....great shot. Those boys and girls in K'zoo know a thing or two....
  9. Alan, when you're coming to Chicago, there is a shop in Evanston (near North) that often has a couple heritage guitars in stock, or you give me the heads up and we can get together. I work in the loop and have my 535 and amp in my en route several days a week as it is. Sure we could work something out. You'd think being just a couple hours from Kalamazoo, in a city of 8 million, with hundreds of thousands of guitars and guitarists, there would be a few more shops, but no. Not to my knowledge. Welcome to the forum!
  10. you got her back!! Worth the wait, it appears!!
  11. Dohh! Ok, but you can probably find 'em both down thataway...
  12. Don't know where you're located Dave, and this may be old hat but, in keeping with the Kalamazoo theme, Bell's Two Hearted Ale is one of the better IPA's you'll ever have, they're a K-Zoo Brewer (well, Comstock, but close enough) Another Western Michigan brewer wtih a KILLER IPA is Founders in Grand Rapids, there Centennial IPA is arguably the best I've ever had the pleasure to try. Nice thing about IPA's, right now nearly every micro brewer in the country has one (or two), so there's lots of "work" to do!
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