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  1. It will be fun to read your review. It seems you've had a number of similar guitars so I want to know how this one stacks up. It's definitely a looker!
  2. I guess I'm mostly partial to arch tops, and they are associated mostly with jazz, but at low volumes for any kind of music I just think they smoke other guitars. My H575 has been my "go to" for quite a few years now.
  3. That's interesting, do you know about when that would have been?
  4. A discussion over on Baywatch got me to wondering what the highest price ever paid for a Heritage might be. Does anyone know? They made a Golden Eagle a couple of years ago that was listed for about 9K, and since I don't see it available anymore I'm guessing it sold. When I first became aware of the brand in the late 90's a little over 3k was about the most I ever even saw one offered for. (I know, time . . . that old thing). I'm not necessarily looking for an exact number but maybe anecdotal info that you remember?
  5. I've been using a Victoria Ivy League for a couple of years, this vid shows it's jazz sound very well. I've enjoyed mine.
  6. Cool guitar, hope you enjoy it!
  7. Yes, a Millie will give you lots of options to choose from (f hole or no, single or double cut.) I've never played one but I hear they are wonderful.
  8. Hi Ed, So, I grew up in the Chicago area (Villa Park and Lombard); left in 1969. What model of Heritage are you looking to get?
  9. Waiting is tough, lots of us have been there. But it's always great to get a new guitar! When it comes everyone here will want to see it of course.
  10. Hi Mike, I'm in Chandler as well. Welcome to the asylum!
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