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  1. Congratulations. Enjoy that beautiful instrument.
  2. Hey there buddy! 

  3. Congratulations, what a beautiful instrument you’ve got coming. Hope you enjoy it for years and years.
  4. Wow, do those photos ever get the juices flowing. The wood and finish on the Golden Eagle are incredible. Thanks for sharing these Paul.
  5. Welcome. Hope to hear how you two have bonded very soon. More pics would be great that top is spectacular. Congratulations!!
  6. Welcome to the HOC. A custom build is quite the initiation. Well done!
  7. Pressure, This in-process picture with Marv is absolutely priceless. I suspect you cherish it nearly as much as the incredible finished instrument. You've posted some stunning examples of the skill the folks of 225 possess. Congrats!
  8. What a glorious entry into The Heritage clan. Welcome, and well done. That is simy elegant. Enjoy.
  9. Let the bonding begin. It only gets better. Congratulations and welcome.
  10. Now that's certainly a grand way to become indoctrinated into THE brand. Congratulations!
  11. 2007 Golden Eagle Thinline w/ Florentine Cutaway Antique Natural Top Burnt Amber Rim and back
  12. Congratulations. You certainly made your first a real beauty!
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