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  1. Found a Vintage Sound 22 for $1650 canadian locally. 2 channels with channel 1 being a Brownface mod, and channel 2 being a standard fender deluxe channel I guess. Not being a tube amp guy, I don't know much about Brownface tones. I play mainly jazz, but like to have some grit now and then... any thoughts on Brownface tones?
  2. Cool. Sounds like a great amp. They're not well known in canada... one montreal area dealer though. I'll try to check one out Thanks
  3. Any recommendations? Ideally around 20 watts or slightly more or less.
  4. Hmmm. So tell me about Vintage Sound... curious. Prices are way below the Carr amps. How's the tone for jazz, and how is the build quality?
  5. Anyone tried or own one? Youtube vids sound great and specs are fantastic... let me know
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