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  1. Rob, re website photos (assuming Windows PC): Get the photo on your screen, right-click, select Save Image As, give it a name and a destination folder on your pc, click on Save. That's all you need to do.
  2. Yowsers! Nice choice, Rob. That Lark link worked a couple of hours ago, but not now. Whatever. Just tell people it'll look like your H150 20th Anniversary. Speaking of which, doesn't that one make your new purchase somewhat duplicately redundant? Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  3. I watched the video demo of this amp being compared to a trio of vintage Fender amps. Very, very impressive. Mr. Quilter seems to have pretty well perfected the art of making his amps sound as good as just about anything you could imagine. You'll have fun with this one.
  4. OK, now what year was that?
  5. Big maybe from north of the border.....IF we've had our second shots (first ones happened in April), and IF the Canada/US border is open to non-essential traffic, and IF I can get the time off work (wait a minute, I'm retired......forget that last one). We've seen the plant tour umpteen times already, so that's no big loss. And anything like this that's only two hours from home makes it an attractive one-day jaunt. If I promised not to play, maybe other members would show up.
  6. OK, show and tell time. I paid $1101 USD for this excellent H535. But that was back in November of 2010. And $1000 USD for this H137 in 2012.....
  7. Say what you want about Ed Roman, but he's the one that opened my eyes to Heritage guitars. That was back about 2004, and he was very pro-Heritage at the time. On a business trip to Vegas that year I sought out his shop and spent a very enjoyable couple of hours trying out some of his premium axes. There were a number of stunning hand-made guitars there, some with insane fretboards, up in the $7K price range. I wasn't too comfortable actually touching any of those really high-end ones, but I did take some photos (below). A bit later that year an H155 came up on consignment at a Toro
  8. Well, there must be some mistake. That one's obviously a bass; it has only four strings.
  9. DB, my 535 (1996) has a flame maple pickguard, but I don't know for sure if it came from the factory that way. I suspect so. The finish is absolutely identical to what's on the body of the guitar, it's bound, and on the back of it it says 'Trans Cherry'. It also happens to have a rather unique shape to it; I have never seen another Heritage with that exact pickguard shape. But I have a feeling this guitar is somehow special, as the label has signatures of Jim Deurloo, Bill Paige, Rendal Wall, J.P. Moates, and Marvin Lamb. I bought this one from an Ebay seller back in 2010, so I don't know
  10. Well, Jeff, you're describing 'most obvious' mistakes that I, for one, cannot see.
  11. What kind of effect(s) are you looking for?
  12. Put the pedal to the, um, metal, Jeff.
  13. Cool find, Brent. Love the colour. H140CM spec......as in special colour, maybe?
  14. It's a longshot, but if the strings had just been changed prior to the studio session, had they been moderately stretched?
  15. Great playing. Excellent recording. Fun listen.
  16. Looks good, sounds good, extremely limited run. What more could you want? Congrats, Brent.
  17. Um, Jeff, you've done such a beautiful job on the woodwork, do you really want to cover it up with tolex?
  18. Hmmmm. I didn't see any full moons in Brent's video. (Not saying that I want to, you understand.)
  19. Very nice. Aha! Number 37. Some of us (OK, probably just me) have always wondered exactly how many of these 20th Anniversary H150s were made. But I'm not sure this one answers the question. I think Yoslate's got one numbered somewhere in the 40's, and mine's #20, with a V serial#.
  20. Exactly. What IS the issue with the headstock? I never thought there was one. But some opinionated yahoos don't like it because it's not what they're used to. Jeez Louise, what a pitiful excuse to hate something. They really need to consider directing their displeasure elsewhere. Or opening their minds a bit. Heritage headstocks are functional, not unattractive, and presumably a lot lighter than some other brands' headstocks, so who cares? Not I. I was buying a very nice speaker cab from a fellow on another forum, and went to his home to pick it up. Took alon
  21. Well, isn't that a coincidence? Yesterday I measured all three of mine. Have always thought they were all the same size but managed to avoid shovelling snow for a while finding out for sure. Here's what I measured (in inches, even) on each headstock: length from top edge of nut, width at widest point, width at top. And the results: 2001 H155 (bound): 7 1/4, 2 5/8, 1 15/16 2005 H150 (bound): 7 1/8, 2 5/8, 2 1996 H535 (unbound): 6 15/16, 2 11/16, 1 15/16 There doesn't appear to be any wild variation on my
  22. Blue isn't always bad. Green, on the other hand, should be limited to peas and leprechaun hats.
  23. Wow. Fabulous work. Or, as Pressure would say, fab work.
  24. Well, then, here's the predecessor shot to that one......a little less heat in the automotive content, but a pretty classy Heritage nonetheless.
  25. This one's had a couple of things done.....bone nut, replaced the original roller bridge, Mark Atkinson 38 Special single-coil pickups. And this one, aside from a fresh set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, is original.............
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