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  1. Sweet Triple Nickel!! So cool to have Vince associated with it...
  2. Sweet Roy Clark model ! That stunner takes you back in time a bit.
  3. FredZepp

    H-150 Natural

    Nice Quilted One !!
  4. FredZepp


    '92 H-150 CM Flametop ASB '00 H-150 CM Classic VSB '89 H-140 CM Trans Red '94 H-157 Tuxedo '99 Eagle Centurion
  5. FredZepp

    H 555 Head Stock

    Nice headstock pic !!
  6. FredZepp

    The Biter

    Great pic of a sweet 150... And I love having the SoundCloud demo posted with it here, first time I've seen that done. Sounds great.
  7. FredZepp

    '04 Prospect

    Yes... I agree that Prospects are amazing instruments. I wasn't looking for one when I stumbled into a deal on one.. and I'm glad I did. The floating block in these elevates them to a higher level, it works so well. Congrats on finding one that you love.
  8. FredZepp

    Sunset Burst

    Sunburst.... indeed !
  9. Here's a video from back in 2012 as they were going through the change from stamped to handwritten....
  10. My Heritage Prospect (2014) is in Vintage WineBurst... love the finish. welcome to the club.
  11. a fine example of an early H-150...
  12. Awesome 150 with a unique top !
  13. FredZepp

    '11 H157 Custom - VWB

    Great pic... awesome 157 and amp..
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