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  1. H-157 helping me practice ! https://youtu.be/KNJkTYoTRyY?t=1m37s
  2. asharrow

    H 555 Head Stock

    Thanks. The photo just depicts evidence of true artisans.
  3. I got my Heritage H555 March 30th. I am still amazed with it and how much it motivates me to play.

  4. Exactly one week ago today I joined the ranks of proud Heritage Guitar owners. I bought an amazing used H-555 online. I have had 1 week with it to compare and contrast it to my other guitars using 3 different amps. I have to say that it is everything that I have ever dreamed of tone wise, sustain wise, neck playability wise and obviously looks and craftsmanship wise. I have a rehearsal this weekend with my band (3 piece) and can't wait to test drive it. I have noticed a few "personality traits" or "nuances" with this guitar that are all positives, but in the coming months I want to seek to understand them using this forum. I feel like it was totally meant to be that me and this guitar were to become really good buddies!
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