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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. It makes sense to me to have the volume controls performing the same function, i.e. coil splitting. If you're new to soldering, take some time to practice on scrap bits of wire, and I'm sure there are plenty of online tutorials. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
  2. Top session guitarist chats with amp designer over Zoom...
  3. I just realised I linked to the long shaft (3/4" or 19mm) pot. The short shaft (3/8" or 9.5mm) pot is this one - https://www.hotroxuk.com/cts-500k-audio-knurled-shaft-375-bushing-dpdt.html. You can always measure the pots you have installed at the moment to make sure you get the right one.
  4. I've used these CTS pots - https://www.hotroxuk.com/cts-500k-audio-knurled-shaft-375-bushing-dpdt-8628.html. You'll need two of them, and note that the connections for sldering to the switch are the holes just under the main pot contacts. Hotrox are good people to deal with - very convenient for me as they're located in Nottingham - they also stock all types of capacitors, and their prices are competitive. If you're not sure, give them a call.
  5. Seeing Mesa Boogle mentioned reminded me of possibly the UK's hardest working jazz guitarist - Nigel Price. Last year he'd arranged an extensive British tour for the last three months of 2020. Unfortunately after he'd organised the dates, Covid regulations were brought in which reduced the capacity of the venues, and hence ticket income. The expenses stayed the same, so to help finance the tour Nigel organised a raffle with some of his equipment as prizes. 1st prize was a Fibonacci "Americano" guitar, 2nd prize was a Fender Blues Junior, 3rd prize was a Mesa Boogie Rocket 44 (which I've s
  6. You're welcome. This is a great place for advice on all sorts of guitar-related things. If it's your first Heritage, it won't belong before you get a second, then a third... 🙂
  7. Hello Rexxy, and welcome to the club! Loooking at the position of the saddles, they seem to be about right for correct intonation, but with the bridge angled as it is you might not have room for adjustment if you change the string gauge. Changing the bridge position for a proper lefty shouldn't be beyond the skills of a competent luthier. It would be a case of removing the bridge and bushings, plugging the holes and re-drilling them. Not sure how much that would cost, but either way, that's a great looking guitar. By "lefty righty" I assume you mean someone like Albert King or Eric Gales,
  8. My 2007 H535, which I bought new, came with a wooden pickguard. The 1998 H575 also has a wooden pickguard, while the H150s all have plastic pickguards. I like the shape of the plastic pickguards - it reminds me of my old '68 Epiphone Riviera, my first American guitar.
  9. I had to laugh at Pete sniffing the guitars, but that's sosmething I can relate to - my H535 from 2007 still has some of that aroma, while my other Heritages (from the late 1990s) have lost it. Me too. A recent one I enjoyed was was a comparison of ten Klon-style pedals, which included a real Klon. A blindfold test for Pete with Lee controling the pedals... Pete's No.1 was the Wampler Tumnus, with the real Klon a close second.
  10. I mentioned in the "Heritage at Sweetwater" thread that Andertons in the UK were stocking Heritage guitars. It turns out that the Captain and Danish Pete have produced a video showing three of the standard range - H150, H535 and H530. I think it's fair to say they like them...
  11. Here in the UK, Andertons (home of Lee "The Captain" Anderton) have 21 Heritage guitars in stock, including half a dozen Custom Core H150s, four standard H150s, four H535s, three H530s, a couple of Satndard Eagles and a couple of H575s. How do the prices compare? The Gibbons Les Paul Standards are slightly cheaper than the standard H150s - £2,199 vs. £2,499 ($3,478 at current rates), but the Custom Core H150s (£3,799 or £4,299 Artisan Aged) are cheaper than the equivalent Custom Shop Les Pauls (from £4,599 to £9,199 for a Murphy Lab 'Ultra Heavy Aged' 1959 Standard). This will certainly
  12. My three bursts, from L to R: VSB (Vintage), ALSB (Almond), ASB (Antique). My other three Heritages are a Natural H575, Trans Black H150 and Goldtop H150 Special.
  13. Definitely sprinkle as needed. Think of it as a wah-wah that goes "wah" (up) or "ow" (down) every time you hit the string. A non-guitar use can be heard in Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground, when he used it on the clavinet... Stevie in the early '70s was really into technological innovations, hence his collaboration with synth pioneers Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil.
  14. I've only just got it, but it will go, like yours, in first place. I'll probably keep it separate, as I have a couple of different fx setups. Back in the days when we could gig, I often used a TC Electronic Nova System in the fx loop of the amp, with the guitar going into a wah and from there into the amp. It won't replace the wah, but I'd probably put it at the front of the chain. Another track which has a solo with some tasty Mutron action is Dear Friend by Jonathan Wilson. The solo starts just after 3 minutes.
  15. A couple of my early guitar heroes were Frank Zappa and Larry Coryell, and I particularly liked what they did with the Mutron III - Frank's solo on Inca Roads from the One Size Fits All album is a prime example. As a result, one of the first effects pedals I bought was a Mutron III in 1976/7. Years later I sold it to a bass-playing mate as I wasn't using it that much. Another Zappa track that made a big impression was Ship Ahoy from the Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar album. I found out much later that the extraordinary sound was produced by an Oberheim VCF in sample-and-hold mode. The Line 6
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