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  1. Careful the saddles don’t fall out when changing strings. Don’t ask how I know. I bet there are folks here with an extra one. Many were swapped out.
  2. Welcome Andy. Would live to hear the story of the guitar from Marv. I was weaned on Southern Rock, it diffused up to the North East pretty well.
  3. Welcome Clump. I'm in the same boat re quitting for many years and taking up the instrument again. I'll wager we are not alone in that camp here. Wouldn't worry about it just have fun and be glad the flame is rekindled. The 535 is a great 1st Heritage. It is the fav of many members. Stick around good bunch of folks here.
  4. Welcome Scott. Lots of us are "of an age". Probably due to the popularity of guitar playing back in the 60's and 70's. Good to have another amp guy on the forum. Some of us like to tinker.
  5. Welcome Monk. Love your eclectic music interests you have listed.
  6. FWIW, I was worried about your absense as well. Didn't want to intrude. I've had some of your thoughts as well, I agree that forums in general (guitar, amp etc) can be habit forming and it is easier to visit them than put in the work on our instruments. Sounds like you have a good plan. Don't be a total stranger either.
  7. FWIW, I was worried about you as well Josh. Glad all is well. You have a point about spending too much time reading / posting about things guitar and neglecting actually playing and or learning. I've had that thought many times myself. Sometimes it is just easier to zone out in front of a computer.
  8. welcome lespaulguy. Stick around, good bunch of people here.
  9. Welcome. Your Eagle is beautiful to say the least. I'd love an Eagle one day.
  10. Hi Mike, Welcome to the club. Your 140 is very nice. Looks like a custom pick guard installed. The French Alps must be a beautiful. How's the weather now?
  11. Welcome to the club, sounds like you have a true piece of Parsons St history.
  12. Hfan

    Hfan - My Heritages

    04 535 "35 Special" with SD Antiquities , 2006 575 Custom with Seth Lovers, 2005 150 with Stormy Monday Bare Knuckles, 02 157 Trans-Black,
  13. Hfan

    Going to the pub...

    Hi Mark, Seems like a nice problem to have. To be able to sing well and also play lead is a blessing. I wish I could pick up an acoustic and sing a tune on pitch. Sounds like you have some good friends to play with, another blessing. I really miss playing out, been working on remedying that. Hang in with the unemployment situation. I know what it is like. I'm in my early 50s and have had to return to school for a total career change.
  14. Welcome to the club Dave. My young son is a lefty, I will need to learn how to teach him stuff backwards I suppose. Bought him a righty little Martin when he was 3, his sister has been using it.
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