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  1. Yes they're chrome, not nickel wound. They are brighter striaght up and do tone down a little with age.
  2. 2004 H535, 2006 Ernie Ball Musicman Silhouette Special Anniversary edition, 2015 Duesenberg D6 Baritone, 1970s Emperador J200 replica, 2018 H530, 2020 blackwood Mini Maton.
  3. H535 and H530 are a great combination. I started with the 535 many years ago and added the 530 to the collection only 2y ago or so. I too tried different strings and finished up with D'Addario 11/50 Jazz Light nickel flat wound on both of them. Last year, I swapped the 535 Schaller humbuckers for hand wound Brierley B90s and couldn't be happier with them.
  4. The H150 DeLuxe relocated to a good home in Victoria. I just wasn't playing it enough. My H535, on the other hand, gets played a lot.
  5. Hi Just joined the forum - obviously I own a 2004 H535 tobacco sunburst and a 2006 H150 Deluxe Old Style Sunburst. I bought them both new (new old stock), in 2006 and 2010 respectively. I play them at home through a Matchless Lightning Reverb and a number of analog effect pedals. I also own an Ernie Ball Silhouette Special 2006 anniversary edition, SSH, for different sounds, and a couple of accoustic guitars. I'm a very ordinary player and have never gigged. I do play with mates every now and then, mostly bluesy and traditional ballady rock stuff. I've started jazz less
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