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  1. 2015, you’ll be just fine with long mounting legs. You can also use short shaft pots. Pickup rings are whatever you want to get, as there shouldn’t be any issues with fit. The pickguard will most likely not fit, as there may be discrepancies in distance between the pickups, and also issues with the top mounting screw location. MojoAxe.com has done some Gibbons shaped pickguards for Heritage guitars. I’d contact Dan at MojoAxe regarding the guard. As far as pre made wiring harnesses, I’m not 100% as I usually make my own, but I’d have to think that they should fit. Again I’m not 100% on that.
  2. I’ll have to take your word as I can’t get that page to pull up.
  3. Looks like we won’t be seeing a “Fire Sale” anytime soon. “I’ll be here all week. Try the Veal.”
  4. I always liked the Gibbons VOS type of aging, and the Fender Closet Classic line. Not too much of an over the top of a look. I just thought that Heritage just went way overboard with the amount of weather checking on their Artisan line.
  5. Okay, how about artificial vs. natural. You really don’t need me to ‘splain it to you any further, do you!
  6. Yup, the one nice thing about the Schaller bridge is it’s adjustability.
  7. IIRC- They’ve been doing long tenons since the early 2010s’.
  8. Ha!!! Wow, now I know how to get big bucks for that old broken down Mazda sitting in my driveway! For Sale: Nicely “reliced” ‘07 Mazda 6. $3k obo
  9. Phony relic jobs just don't look right on a Heritage guitar. That's just my opinion YMMV.
  10. They all are good years. Individual examples will vary. Choose with you hands & ears, not by years.
  11. Somewhat PRS-ish isn’t it?
  12. I’m good with all but the Green & Blue ones. I especially like the Orange.
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