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Pressures Guitars

Pressures Guitars
My Johnny Smith, H-150P All Gold and Mille DC
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62 images

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congrats, great example of a true The Heritage knower. Thanks for sharing.

Not one I do not like. 

Question: those Johnny Smith models are mounting a floating PU ? Are those long scale? What nut width?


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I just saw your post. The floating pickups are Kenny Rambo pickups. Johnny Smiths have a unique scale of 25". I don't recall what the nut width is exactly but about 1 5/8" or 1 11/16".


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thanks for your reply, I like that model, it must an interesting guitar to be played unplugged too, enjoy them

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You have amassed some of the most beautiful and creative designs of Heritage guitars! 

I'm certain each of them comes with their own special stories from concept to execution.  Fantastic!

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