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  1. Sounds like a matter of who has the deeper pockets… I suspect Bandlabs might have enough to fight this unlike the other companies that were forced to pay license fees for G-Style Designs to stay in business.
  2. I save photos to my iPad then resize when uploading so I can post on here.
  3. I guess I'll have to make due until Daniel pulls the trigger! 😆
  4. I would take in consideration pickup configurations and construction materials. 535/530 are laminated panels leaving you with less feedback from the top movement. The 575 is a carved, solid maple top and will resonate more and be more prone to feedback at high volume/gain. So there is more than just centerblocks and pickups to think about. So in regards to your combination for veristilty..... I'd take option C! A 530 and 535! (I know, not the A/B option). 530 being a hollowbody with P90's growl (and can take a bit more gain/volume) 535 being semi-hollowbody
  5. Congratulations Rob! If anyone can give an honest assessment for tone and quality, you are the most qualified person on the forum, at least in my opinion. I'm hoping this guitar beats your expectations and is all you're looking for and looking forward to reading your thoughts and opinions.
  6. Good question. Since we generally use this section for general Heritage questions, this subject is probably where it needs to be. This is forum for fans/owners of the guitars, it's not an encompassing forum dedicated to specific facts. We used to have some from Heritage post here, but in the last few years they have shied away due to some controversy.
  7. Yes, Rhoadescholar had one. Pete has one too. Even has a unique molded patriotic case.
  8. I've had my Quilter MicroPro II for years. It was a highly recommended and amazingly versatile amp with so many features, you could go into control-knob-paralysis fiddling with it. But I found I kept the amp settings the same all the time, never used its second input for microphone/acoustics, nor changed the voicing beyond a couple of Fender style settings. Not too long ago, Quilter came out with the Aviator Cub 1x12 50W Combo. If you're a Fender amp fan, this is thee amp to have. Tweed, Brown, Blackface inputs. Digital Reverb (Very spring-like setting) TMB co
  9. Value of used amps just went up. Joe Bonamassa probably has the largest stock in amps in LA now....
  10. The Heritage has been the name since the beginning. A year or so ago, they created a Custom Core line with a slightly larger headstock that just says Heritage. Omits the word “The”. They also experimented with a Circle H instead too.
  11. Give us some pics! We’ll be the judge for you!
  12. Dang, I thought I was there back then. Must of been IV for my first year.
  13. I've got a rather large tent, tables, chairs, etc. At least enough to cover about 20-25 people anyway.
  14. Never seen that under the hood before. Usually the sticker under the toggle switch plate is on the control plate.
  15. You mean in their cases, tucked away in a closet?
  16. That mini pickup is why I love my LPJ Doublecut Kit. I swapped out a P90 with a Mini-Humbucker. Something about an all mahogany guitar just sounds perfect with that pickup combination.
  17. If only I had worked with a reputable dealer, my transition era 535 wouldn't have come with such hideous chunk of scrap plastic.
  18. How many 357's are you stock-piling???
  19. I'm imagining a TRC made of ebony with a MOP inlay of a mushroom.... Curious to know about the person who originally owned the guitar. Other than the infamous Jack B, I heard rumors of another collector that had the largest collection of 357's. Something in the neighborhood of 10+ 357's... Anyone know if there is truth to that rumor?
  20. I always go by ear. Plug the guitar in and adjust the pole heights a little at a time while playing. When it sounds good to your ear, you all set. Key is to start low and work your way up. Bit tricker with dogear P90's because you cannot really adjust the whole pickup. But you can adjust the poles.
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