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  1. Being a boutique builder the Golden Era Heritages are often miss ID'd. Even most dealers sucked at knowing models and options which further exasperated the problem!
  2. a bound maple headstock veneer is a stand option with previous generations, Deluxe's also had multi ply front body binding, Cream/Black... Choice woods, Duncan 59s...
  3. There are dealers that would custom order with prior ownership. Keep your eyes open, I may know where a new one is! PM me if you want me to see about the new one!
  4. Those are great upgrades... Perfect to get all out of the guitars IMHO. So when I was a dealer I had plans to do a Thinline 157 of the month for a year. The theory behind was a dense(Heavy) body shaved from 2" to 1 1/2" would deliver ALL the tone of the Heavy guitars in a manageable 8# weight... I had some built prior to Plaza stepping in and wanting to stop custom dealer orders. I miss the boutique days! But I get the production based current system, with standardized models sharing basic common features that has allowed Heritage to survive to date! However my story all started wi
  5. Silly! They had plastic on pre Plaza too... but many times they delivered standard Flamed maple Pick Guards especially on the dressed up builds, Plaza started experimenting before standardizing the models to plastic. My OLD 2000ish catalog shows plastic on 140s, 150s, 516s, and Prospects.
  6. Some of the frets look dang fretless flat! Is she really bright? Have fun! Hope to see her in summer!
  8. In truth this model deviates so many ways from 59 LP's. I believe the name was more of In the "Class" of the 59 (a top end guitar)... I personally think creating a reissue was nowhere in his mindset... Charging premium for premium features was! Korina, High output duncans, 3 piece necks, premium woods, bound and inlaid headstocks are all high end upgrades. As was his asking prices!
  9. Why am I always the shortest Guy in HOC pictures?
  10. So I noticed it is no longer "The Heritage " Now... Just Heritage
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