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  1. That natural one had some SERIOUS flame and killer woody tone!
  2. I recorded a guy that played a Garnet that was once owned by Randy Bachman. It sounded really good!
  3. How fitting that this is right under Kuz’s pic..
  4. That’s funny because his behavior was more like a pissy school child than any manufacturer I’ve ever seen. Some of the rants and fights he got in with his customers long before his BLM behavior should’ve put him out of business. It wasn’t until his BLM remarks though that a size-able group of people saw his true colors. No mob put him out of business, his mouth did and he quit the business himself. I won’t support that guy again.
  5. It wasn't just the SJW class that thought he was a dick. He treated many of his customers like absolute sh*t. Do a google search and I'm sure find plenty of people that he severely pissed off! There are so many pedals that are better than his why bother.
  6. That's what I like most about it, and the first thing that drew my eye to it!
  7. I love it too, as it makes the guitar feel like a living breathing thing. And Dolly hit the nail on the head!
  8. I agree, it's not just the lack of potting, it's also the wind, the materials, and sometimes even the springs that the pickups are mounted with (or without ie P90). And frankly, some pickups have it more than others. My old USA LP Special had it and it followed the pickups (SHED P90s) when I swapped then into an SG! You can hear every time I hit the pickup selector here. And even with the tone knob turned down to 0 during the woman tone sections you can hear it... https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=8291529
  9. I've experienced it many times with Throbaks, and in their first few runs I saw more more than one that got too microphonic. I actually have fixed a few microphonic issues with Throbaks. I love microphonic pickups. Old timer Gretsch fans used to call that wood in the sound "knock"!
  10. That's not an issue as long as they find a few good examples of PAF tone that's good enough. Most of them from the good years share enough DNA to make the chase worthwhile. And that's why Throbak offers more than one good variant of that tone. And yes, the original bursts and goldtops do have a considerably different wood tone than the newer ones further confusing things.
  11. The exact science is finding great examples from the past, finding out why they sounded so good, and then consistently being able to wind a pickup that gets that solid tone consistently. I know Throbak pickups are expensive, but frankly, I've never heard a bad one. And yes, maybe a pickup is not too complicated of an item, but sourcing the right materials to assemble pickups takes a bit, and I think Throbak not only sourced the right materials, they put the work in to get the details that make the pickup winding right, and they got the winders. The proof is in their track record. They make a consistently good pickup. And they sell for what people will pay for them! And these Gibson pickups? Most people around here know that I'm a Gibson fan, but I don't think they are that consistent in their pickups. They have hit and misses even in the same pickups. I've heard and installed many good and bad examples of Classic 57's, Burstbuckers, and Custombuckers. If I truly thought they had nailed the original PAF tone, I would buck up the money for these limited editions, but I seriously doubt they did,
  12. What do you mean not for profit? The run of 1000 sold out immediately, I bet that was a pretty profit! That said, for the big money (still less than a $1000) I would rather go with Throbak.
  13. I also like some DiMarzio pickups (biased though as I'm endorsed by them for acoustic pickups). I recently put a set of Twang Kings in one of new Tele builds... and I also put a PAF-59 and a Super Distortion in the bridge of my Telecaster Deluxe. As for Duncans I have a set of custom Shop Peter Green pickups in my Tobacco Burst H150... and a Billy Gibbons BG1400 in another one of my Tele builds...
  14. I would like to have the neck shaved on my 1954 Les Paul reissue. And while they're at it, they can strip off the heavy Gibson finish, and replace it with thin non-plasticized nitro. In this one case, if they did that, I would even like a little relic, because I love when Goldtops check and go green, and it would take years for mine to do that, as I only record with it. If I want two P90s live though, I play my USA LP Special or my Historic SG Special. Both of them have great sized necks with the SG being my favorite neck of the three, it's the smallest, but the LP Special and the R4 have bigger tone than the SG. and the USA Special has the biggest neck of any USA Gibson I've played. Not as big as the R4, but still pretty big. The beast... [img]https://i.imgur.com/SkdvUAu.jpg[/img]
  15. Super Eagle with P90s, oh my, be still my heart! And a wraptail H150, oh yeah I'd hit that, but I would put some microphonic PAFs in it first and get my Jeff Beck on! Beautiful guitars there! Holy Moly, get the fire extinguisher, that thing's on fire!
  16. it's a knockoff, Bartlett has been doing burst replicas for awhile. And I think those tight flames look more like Eastern Maple.
  17. Must have read that one while I was falling asleep on the couch after a gig
  18. I really don't like relic'd guitars, but they do seem to have thinner finishes, and many of them that I have pickup up, and played next to their non relic'd counterparts, do seem a little louder acoustically. But I think a lot of the resonance is lost electrically if the pickups are potted, losing their ability to sense the vibration of the wood, and all custom cores have potted pickups. I say if you're buying online, and it's really tough decision, get a good return policy and buy both. Return the one that loses the comparison. Looks like the OP bought himself a Bartlett, which to me, is a guitar that was built by a master builder, and who has a great wood stash. I've never heard a bad Bartlett! There's a guy on the Les Paul Forum that has done some killer demos of Bartletts (I think he's owned three), and all of them sounded very vintage sounding to me in the best way. That said... I still can't get behind relic'ing, I'm just not a fan, no matter who does it! As for the quote "the finish is aged, faded, and checked naturally" in the description of the Bartlett, I don't get that. Because I have a different definition of naturally. To me, that means it was done by actually playing and owning the instrument, and earning those wear marks. It doesn't mean frozen by leaving it outside (or in a freezer) to check, or slicing the finish with a razor blade, Or using acid on the metal parts to get them to discolor of corrode, or tapping little dings into a finish. But to each his own so to say, and if aging makes the guitar feel or play better to the owner that's what really counts. Many players that I respect love aging, and some of them are very close friends of mine.
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