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  1. Congrats, Wineburst is the color that got me to pony up for a new Heritage! Yours looks great. I love the cool squiggly looking flame on yours! Also Pro Alnico IIs are more my cup of tea vs the 59s so it's cool yours has those. Mine looks a lot like yours under the same lightning! Here's when I first got mine before I installed the pickguard and the rest of the mods. But It looks quite different under different light. And I Iike it much more after I swapped pickups (SD custom shop Peter Green set but without the swapped magnet), rewired (my solder job looked a lot like yours), swapped bridge and tailpiece with Faber locking stuff, and added the pickguard. I love this guitar!
  2. Funny you say that because last night my duet auditioned a drummer And he was great, no we're looking for the right bass man!
  3. Welcome and great looking guitar!
  4. That’s a great looking guitar. Congrats.
  5. It thought you guys might want to hear some slide guitar noise so I redid the lead track with a slide piece and a Catalinbread Silverkiss pedal that I haven't used in years. That's what's in the track above but it's still the H150!!! It's a really good guitar!!!
  6. I had to drop by my studio last night to drop off my 1x12 Marshall cabinet. So while I was there I, plugged my Heritage H150 into my English Rose amp (Marshall 18 watt style) which was plugged into the Marshall cabinet (Celestion Alnico Creamback), and I recorded a little tremolo riff. Well my Frenzel Super Deluxe was sitting right next to it, on top of a MESA 1x12 (Celestion Greenback) cabinet, so I recorded a little lead riff with it. I only had a little time over there so it's pretty rough take. I called it "guitar noise", especially because there was a rattling whistling tube in it which I need to find!!! I just thought you guys would like to hear a Heritage guitar riffing plugged straight into some rock and roll amplifiers.
  7. That's some serious lumber on that one! Congrats!
  8. Even with my bigger room I was tripping over stuff if I didn't keep it organized. When I'm recording it can sometimes get a little cluttered, but before I leave the room I put everything back in it's place, unless we are picking up right where we left off the next day. This new room is actually set up a bit better than my last bigger room.
  9. Just found the color picture!!! That is a sweet big box! How are those pointer knobs in the heat of the battle?
  10. Thanks Danny, your DIY racks help inspired me to get everything together. Having easy access to amplifiers is something I've always had a problem with. Even in my bigger studio they took up way too much room. Thanks Josh, the guitar rack was quite expensive, but it was the only one I could find that would hold that many cases. That was my biggest problem, the cases were taking up so much needed space. The goal is to keep it tidy, as I've got 100 lbs of sh*t in a 50 lb box so to say
  11. Sound panels are on wheels so I just roll them out of the way when I need a guitar from the case rack...
  12. I just moved into my new studio which is a smaller room, so I bought some shelves to save floor space, get the amps off of the floor, and make them easy to access. I found these cheap shelves at Wayfair. I was a little worried they would be too flimsy, but after putting them together, installing the center struts to stiffen the frames, and doubling up on the wood shelves, they are just fine. After putting together the three individual racks, I bolted them all together, which also stiffened them up. A bonus was that I had some extra room for mic boxes that were piling up on the floor by my recording racks:) When I record, I will take the amp(s) that I'm using off of the shelf, as I like the way they record on the floor... Amps are... Frenzel Super Deluxe Head, Clark Beaufort Deluxe (5E3), Mesa DC-2, Vox AC-15 Handwired, Fender Handwired Reverb Unit Clone (6K6 version), Dirty Girl Reverb (Supro Style 6973 tubes), Tophat Club Deluxe, Victoria Regal II, 1969 Vibro Champ, Fender Princeton Reverb Clone Handwired with vintage Fender transformers (Winnie Thomas), 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb.
  13. Oh my, that's a sweet guitar!!! What the specs on that one? Totally custom?
  14. I love early 70's Customs! How much of that one is original?
  15. I bought a guitar rack the other day that I thought was going to give me a hernia lifting the boxes into my car and then loading them into my studio...
  16. I know how you feel, I had a similar experience with Jason Lollar pickups. I had Imperials in on guitar that were totally blase', and then in the next guitar they were perfect. Maybe your H575 is the perfect match for those '59s!
  17. Cool video Brent, especially when you kicked in the gain, when did you score that '71 Custom?
  18. When I bought my H150 from Wolfe guitars, it had Pearly Gates pickups in it, but Seth Lovers on the label, so yes, it happens. No big deal, as the Pearly Gates pickups didn't even last a few days in that guitar. They were seriously ice-picky! I had MJ at the Duncan Custom Shop wind some Peter Green pickups (but without the reverse magnet), so I could get a nice low output unpotted PAF style. And they sound the best of any Duncans I've tried. They are still in the guitar 10 years later!
  19. Great looking top (and color), on that one! That squiggly flame is my favorite type of flame! Here's my R0 which has that same type of flame...
  20. That's an original, I bet that one would cost a pretty penny. And besides the fact I could never afford it, I'm not an electric 12 string fan. Funny that one looks older as it doesn't have the typical Zemaitis bridge. Looks like an ABR modified for 12 strings. I bet the intonation is a bit off, although I found an ad for that guitar priced $25,000 at Norman's Rare guitars and it says that the intonation is great (I doubt it)
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