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  1. Hey Rob is that a True ABR Bridge that screws directly into the wood. It sure looks like the locking one by Faber...
  2. Headstock shot please, everything looks great. Nice case too!
  3. Good to see everyone waiting with baited breath I find it funny that this Edwin Wilson, a guy that spearheaded probably the best changes in the G I B S O N custom shop, is also doing the same thing for these upper end Heritages. If this guitar kicks some serious ass he will be forgiven for working for the Devil, hahahahahaha. I can't wait to get the lowdown on this axe!
  4. That will be a while, my fun money bank was emptied with my Jaguar explorations, but I could sell some guitars that I'm not using:) Like you, I can't wait for the Professors review of this guitar. The guy has quite the grip on the English language, so you just know it's going to be entertaining, yet totally free of blowing smoke!
  5. And I've had after market pickup rings that didn't fit my Heritage (screw holes in slightly different place).
  6. I wonder if Edwin still has the hookup with the plantation in Fiji growing the Honduran Mahogany as that is a pretty low weight piece of Mahogany! And you just may get a sweet set up pickups in that rig!
  7. I can't wait to hear what you think of this guitar. I think G I B S O N blew it when they let go of Edwin Wilson, and having him at the helm of the Custom Core line is a total win for H E R I T A G E. I wonder if those PAFs are going to find there way into the Custom Core Although they are winding their own pickups in this shop, and before Edwin Wilson left the big G, they initiated the Custom Buckers which are the best pickups they've wound in years. Like I said, I'm excited to hear what you think!
  8. That's one of the best arguments for relic'ing I've heard yet! I don't own a relic guitar, but I've played some nice ones.
  9. Have you played any of them? And what did you think?
  10. Some of the reissues look really nice, here's a really cool one... https://reverb.com/item/40565658-Gibbons-custom-shop-64-trini-lopez-standard-2020-ebony-vos-w-full-warranty
  11. I don't know Rob, that would be some serious craftsmanship looking square down the barrel at me. I can just imagine me sitting there in front of a microphone just begging to find something good enough to be worthy of one of these. You know me, one foot in The Faces camp, one foot in the Stones camp. I would have to break out of that to deliver the goods on of these beauts.
  12. I'm not to hip on the abalone trussrod cover, it just doesn't belong to me, but dang, those guitars are beautiful, that burst is ticking all my boxes, and yjay beautiful blond is right there too. I would be intimated to play such fine axes. Congrats on the score Marty! Play them in good health!
  13. I wish I wasn't priced out of this one, it looks like a beauty!
  14. Not true Mark. Not taking away anything the Marv builds, but the electronics in an original Trini were later PAF patent number pickups which, depending on the condition, could sell alone for the price of the Heritage. And if it was an early model Gibbons it had a brazilian rosewood fingerboard, and the correct period ABR bridge (also worth a ton of money) and there are other differences. Besides the fact is, Heritage guitars have very bad resale value.
  15. They all look fine to me, although one solder joint on the six string supplies looks suspect to me. Remember though you need short shaft pots and the Charles is a long shaft pot harness.
  16. Hey PK, I had one of the Crate Vintage series amp, the one with 2 EL84s and 1X10 inch speaker, and many guys from pro acts asked how I was getting such a good tone, and all it was was that amp, and an old G I B S O N ES-125 with a killer P90 in it. Sometimes I would add an open back Mesa Boogie cabinet with a Jensen C12 in it. It was a great amp.
  17. I like bridge P90s as close as I can get 'em to the strings, then I balance the neck from there!
  18. Congrats on that guitar! Good to see minis in it, because I think they are part of the classic Firebird tone. I used to love the tone Johnny Winter got out of his. Hopefully it just needs a string change, but, if you aren't happy with the Bartolini pickups, check out Klein for their take on Firebird pickups which have true vintage construction with Alnico 5 Bar magnets and the steel reflector plate. And they are the right heat too. Klein makes a special set called the Kauer wind with a slightly overwound bridge pickup which I think is needed and even more so on a maple body. And speaking of ma
  19. I've had the RE20 for over 10 years and it's still one the board so that should say something. When I first got it I though, it was kind of noisy, but I found out it was the power supply. I was using a One Spot, but I swapped that for a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power +,and it quieted right up. The preamp in has an analog feel, can get dirty, and the echos are a little smoother than most digital pedals, so all in all it has worked out great for me. I am a stickler for rhythm and the tap tempo function on it is very important to me. I also like that is has reverb (limited but cool) and some
  20. I love building pedal boards... Here's my board that I use for my National resonators with 2 pickups on board. I recently pulled the compressor pedal and replaced it with a Dazatronyx Tremolo. The Highlander box on top left powers the internal Highlander pickups in my Nationals! My "Get It Done Acoustic Board", and it has probably more gigs on it than the rest combined! ... My programmable board for original music acoustic shows so I can get close to the tones I recorded on my CDs. I've been using this for the last two months, and it's a pretty great board. All of th
  21. Nice guitar, and I hope you cherish it forever! Honor your brother by playing the holy hell out of that thing! His energy is in it's bones!
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