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  1. Doing the ol' two-step

    When you are editing your reply, on the toolbar just above the edit box, all the way at the right...the icon looks like a little sheet of paper with the top right corner folded down. If you hover over it with your mouse, it will say "Preview." Once you click that, you will get a rendering of what your post will look like, on "Desktop" by default (I believe). You can check out how it will look on "Tablet" and "Phone" as well. If you're satisfied with it, you can click on "Submit Reply" at the bottom right, or, if you want to do further editing, click on the circle with the 'X" in it in the top right of the Preview. That'll get you back to the edit box.
  2. Doing the ol' two-step

    Some time tomorrow--perhaps--the board will be put in "OFFLINE" mode again. Two things will be happening: 1) The HOC site will be moving to a new home in the ever-lovely Empire State. Once the transfer of data from wet and wild Miami is complete... 2) The board software will be upgraded. Because of the relocation in step 1, DNS will need to update globally. That can take up to 24 hours to propagate. If you're having problems Wednesday, let me know. Thanks in advance for your patience and continued participation.
  3. HOC Board Software and the Path Forward

    Sorry to everyone for the outage that started yesterday. Underscoring the need to update software...
  4. HOC Board Software and the Path Forward

    The software the HOC currently runs on was End-of-Life (EOL) on 1 APR 17, may it RIP. There are, and will be, no more security updates or patches. The options are: 1) Continue running with this EOL software and pretend the security is stupendously terrific and no exploits exist or will be found 2) Upgrade the current version (v3.x) to the new version (v4.x) of the same board software, understanding look and feel will change some 3) Migrate to a different platform/solution, understanding look and feel will change anywhere from "that's different" to "this is tragically, comically FUBAR" The question in the poll should be simple enough to understand. If you answer "Migrate to a new solution", and you have a preference, please take a second and throw a comment in here to indicate what your preferred solution is (e.g., Xenforo, VBulletin, SMF, etc.). I will preempt any potential response of "You are such an idiot. Why are you asking us?" I've found over the years that some members of some forums (fora, Rob? I've occasionally wondered...) get very invested in the environment and unilaterally changing something as fundamental as the underlying software has the potential to really upset some people's apple carts. I ask because I care what you think, and want you to have a good experience. Sure, that's hard to believe, yet it's true. If you have questions, or need more detail, fire away. I'll try to respond in a timely fashion. No promises...
  5. Yet Another Upgrade...Finally!

    After more than a year of planning, testing and procrastinating, the board has been upgraded to the latest version of the IP.Board software. Many changes have occurred, but the foundation of the HOC--it's members--remains in place. Hopefully, the new features will be a positive factor and not detract from the discussion and interactions. If you notice anything broken, or experience any difficulties, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM. -Admin
  6. The developer of the software this forum runs on released a major upgrade several months ago. Based on my experience with such things, I opted to wait out the first few bug fixes and see how it shook out. At this time, the code has more or less stabilized, with several bug fixes having been released. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will be putting up a new test system and investigating any upgrade issues. Once the test system has been fully wrung out, I will make an announcement regarding the upgrade process and how it will afffect the production system. Your patience is appreciated.
  7. As many of you reading this are no doubt already aware, the Heritage Owners Club (HOC) forum software received a major facelift in late April of this year. Actually, a major transplant is probably a better analogy, as we shifted off the free (no cost) Simple Machines Forum code to the commercial Invision Power Services (IPB) Community Suite as well as moving from our previous webhosting service to a tier one provider. If you vist the Forums, you can explore the new functionality that IP.Board provides, as well as enjoy the new, cleaner look. If you were a regular user of the old board, you will likely experience a bit of a learning curve. In the end, though, I think you will find the new board to be much more flexible and powerful. Hopefully, we will also find the new (hardware) system to be much more reliable. As part of the Community Suite, we also have the integrated IP.Gallery image component installed. If you have not taken the time to create your own album in the Members Gallery, please do! Our new Gallery Moderator, mars_hall, has also taken the time and expended significant effort to create a Rogues Gallery of various Heritage guitars owned by our members. The pictures came from the previous Photobucket site, but if you have specific model images you would like to have added, please contact mars_hall either through the board's personal message or email systems. Lastly, we have the IP.Blog component of the Community Suite. What you are now reading is a part of the blog system, which still requires some further tweaking. Members of the HOC forum are allowed to create their own blogs, and can choose to make them private (the member chooses who has access to view their entries) or public, which would be open to everyone. As we move forward, I will be going through the various blog configuration items and (hopefully) improving the functionality. With the move to this new environment, I think we have an opportunity to create an even more impressive community than we already have. The integration of the various IPB components should allow for easier inclusion of images in the forums, as well as bringing both forum posts and gallery images into any blogs that are created. In the end, though, the HOC is not a pile of hardware located in some data center. It is more than the transfer of electrons over wires, or the interplay between software packages. The HOC is what it is because of its members. The participation of people like you who have an affinity, if not love, for these works of art in wood and steel and abalone are what make the HOC a community. Please accept my sincere appreciation for being a part of the growing, evoloving Heritage Owners Club. We couldn't have done it without you. Admin