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  1. Your appeal has moved us. From this day forth, let the Third of October be known as "The Official HOC Day of Forgiveness." Members may submit petitions to us for the purpose of reviewing the status of certain other Members, or former-Members, who have left our humble kingdom. There are, naturally, some ground rules: Petitions must be received between 00:00 UTC on 30 SEP and 00:00 UTC on 1 OCT Individual Petitions may only refer to a singular Member or former-Member Individual Petitions may only be submitted by a singular Member, although multiple Members may wish to "sign o
  2. @LK155 The backups (monthly and weekly full, daily incrementals) are stored in Amazon S3. Fairly cost effective and fast transfer rates due to the data center we're in being on a dedicated link to a nearby NAP. The issue with losing data was due to the backups apparently running, but failing silently (meaning: I never received a notice they'd failed, which I suspect must somehow be related to the corruption on the underlying disks...perhaps the backup script or the SMTP or IMAP daemon were FUBAR?). All part of the fun and exciting world of system administration I suppose. Once upon a ti
  3. I am pleased to report that scheduled backups are running properly again.
  4. RAID works great until all the drives are on one controller and the controller itself fails, slowly, leading to corruption of the underlying disks. This is why I don't do technical hands-on crap any more. Or...do I? @Gitfiddler the HOC database that drives the forum only has (had) data up through 7 JUN. Anything else may or may not have been archived by Google, Bing or the Wayback Machine (archive.org). Truly, it is regrettable, and I apologize to all those whose postings have been lost, as Roy Batty said, "...like tears in rain."
  5. The Good: The HOC is back up! The Ugly: The HOC server dropped a RAID card late last night or some time early this morning. The NOC crew was so kind as to set aside their donuts and coffee before hustling in to the data center to resolve this hardware issue. They even kicked off a restore of the physical drives, out of the kindness of their hearts. Alas, it was not to be. Apparently, two of the drives in the RAID set were corrupted. But, wait, there's more! It also turns out that automated backups were running. That's Good! But, they weren't running succesfully. That's Bad! But
  6. who was that masked man?

    1. Jared


      Hi Bob, I recently signed up on the forum but for some reason I am not allowed to post any comments or start and any threads. Is there a problem with my account?

      Thanks, Jared Purdy


  7. After more than a year of planning, testing and procrastinating, the board has been upgraded to the latest version of the IP.Board software. Many changes have occurred, but the foundation of the HOC--it's members--remains in place. Hopefully, the new features will be a positive factor and not detract from the discussion and interactions. If you notice anything broken, or experience any difficulties, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM. -Admin
  8. The developer of the software this forum runs on released a major upgrade several months ago. Based on my experience with such things, I opted to wait out the first few bug fixes and see how it shook out. At this time, the code has more or less stabilized, with several bug fixes having been released. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will be putting up a new test system and investigating any upgrade issues. Once the test system has been fully wrung out, I will make an announcement regarding the upgrade process and how it will afffect the production system. Your patience is ap
  9. As many of you reading this are no doubt already aware, the Heritage Owners Club (HOC) forum software received a major facelift in late April of this year. Actually, a major transplant is probably a better analogy, as we shifted off the free (no cost) Simple Machines Forum code to the commercial Invision Power Services (IPB) Community Suite as well as moving from our previous webhosting service to a tier one provider. If you vist the Forums, you can explore the new functionality that IP.Board provides, as well as enjoy the new, cleaner look. If you were a regular user of the old board, you
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