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  1. Look at an ES-339, either epiphone or Gibbons. Also, you can still find Prospects for sale, new and used. You may not find them with Seth Lovers, but that's a pickup swap any good tech can do -- a very common modification when buying a guitar. You may also want to consider a different pickup -- Seth Lovers are not potted, and will feedback more easily, especially in a semi-hollow, depending on how loud you play.
  2. I would do it, since it is really easy to do and could not hurt. If you paint the inside of the cavity with shielding paint, and put a piece of copper tape on the inside of the plastic cover, it takes very little time. I think it depends a lot on how bad your electromagnetic environment is, whether you notice a difference. I've noticed that those big old fluorescent lights are particularly bad . . . One thing I would do for certain -- make sure you connect a ground wire to the bridge (it's probably already there). Once I tried to do without that -- the idea is to prevent the possibility of getting shocked in the occasional situation where the electrical outlet wiring is incorrect. Even with maximum shielding and two humbuckers, I got hum -- so I reconnected the bridge ground wire -- hum went away.
  3. If you look in the f-hole, you will get a side perspective, and you should be able to clearly see if there is a space between the block and the back of the guitar. You may find inserting a small mirror in the f-hole, at an angle, helpful. If there is a space, it is floating.
  4. You can probably see the space just by looking through the f-hole. I have one of each (solid, floating and full hollow). Solids sound pretty similar to a 335, but the floating and full hollow definitely sound different. I would suggest going with a floating or full hollow (but those are hard to find).
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