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  1. I picked up a trans-black H150 several years ago. Not my favorite color choice, but it played great and was a good deal. It has a rosewood fingerboard, which I thought didn't go well with the trans black -- it should have been ebony. So, I decided to add more rosewood to make it a color theme, so to speak, and came up with this. Later I added pickups with black covers, so now there is no chrome on it either. I should make the fingerboard a bit darker to match the rest of the rosewood, and I do think it would look better with a black body and black binding, but it still looks pretty cool as
  2. I have a few millies, and I have moved the pickup selector on all of them to the upper bout, like a Les Paul -- which, in my opinion, is where God intended it to be :-). I played a Les Paul most of my life, and my hand automatically goes there, no matter what I am playing. Plus, I think it's the location that allows for the fastest pickup switching when playing. There is a caution to be taken, however. The space below the top on the upper bout is not large, so you need to go with a 90 degree switch instead of the straight one (switchcraft makes them), and have a skilled technician do t
  3. Look at an ES-339, either epiphone or Gibbons. Also, you can still find Prospects for sale, new and used. You may not find them with Seth Lovers, but that's a pickup swap any good tech can do -- a very common modification when buying a guitar. You may also want to consider a different pickup -- Seth Lovers are not potted, and will feedback more easily, especially in a semi-hollow, depending on how loud you play.
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