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  1. This is my first Heritage guitar, a translucent Cherry 1991 Mark Slaughter H-150 Signature. This guitar is in its original form, including the Schaller Golden 50s pickups. I purchased a cream pickup ring and pickguard from Heritage, but have not installed them. The guitar has suffered a headstock break, but has been repaired, and is solid. Unfortunately, the break was through the headstock veneer on the front, just below Mark`s signature, but above the truss rod. This guitar is my main player, and sounds amazing. The neck is a medium slim taper, not too big, and not too thin. The inlays are beautiful, and run all the way up to the 1st fret, just like the Heritage 157. She weights in right at 10lbs 5oz.
  2. Thank you Bill, Dave, and H. I have a hard time putting it down. I would like to find a pickguard for it. It is MIA. I`ll try to post some better pics of the top. It really is translucent, and has a nice top, just hard to see unless its at the right angle. Jeff
  3. Hi everyone. I`m Jeff, I`m new here, but have been lurking for a bit. I am a veteran strat player, that has just recently switched to a les paul. I currently own a LP Studio, and a Heritage Mark Slaughter Signature model H-150 in translucent cherry. She has the original Schaller Golden 50`s pickups and weighs in at 10lbs 5oz! Jeff varminthunter1
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