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  1. Hey all! I haven't posted in awhile, and figured it was high-time that I do some more shameless self-whoring. My band released its debut record in June of 2018; I had teased a few songs on here, as I recall. In any case, my Custom H555, which is STILL in my possession, was used for about 75% of the guitar tracks on our full-length album: www.ghostbound.bandcamp.com I am currently offering our album FOR FREE/pay-what-you-will scale. I played the H555 for all of the songs in standard E tuning for all distorted and clean tones aside from perhaps two rhythm tracks and one overdub. I played through an Orange Rockerverb MKII for all distortion and an ancient VHT Deliverance for all the clean tones. At the time, it was equipped with a Duncan Custom Custom in the bridge and a '59 in the neck, but I have had a set of Bare Knuckle Mules in there for ages, now, and I lovelovelove them. 11-49 strings in standard tuning. We are almost done with a follow-up EP, where I used the Heritage exclusively for all the songs. Thanks for indulging me! Regards, Alec
  2. Greetings, everyone. My name is Alec. I am a recent convert to the world of Heritage guitars. I've yet to own one, though i am on the cusp of purchasing an H555. I play in a psychedelic black metal band called Kosmodemonic, and i have a project of my own, which i have named Ghostbound until i come up with a better name. I describe Ghostbound as "Crowded House gone metal", and i want an H555 in an effort to unleash my inner Geordie Walker (in that he played heavy music on an otherwise non-heavy instrument), as well as for jazzy/clean/ambient textures. Www.kosmodemonic.bandcamp.com Www.facebook.com/kosmodemonic - Alec
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