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  1. Got the replacement bridge from heritage. Put it on and did a quick and dirty setup. Plays so much more in tune now. Not gonna get a fine tuning until the weekend because I don’t have time to go through all the micro adjustments until then. It’s such a great guitar and Heritage had such great customer service. one interesting thing of note is that the replacement OEM had different tooling marks than the bridge that was on the guitar when I received it. I did a little digging and it looks like the original owner had replaced the OEM with the MojoAxe lightning bolt style. I’m guessing that all adjustments done previous to my ownership were under full tension. Anyways. So happy to have the guitar barking out some riffs through those nice lollar dog ears. Long story short I got a great deal and with a little bit of patience a happy ending!
  2. The treble grub screw head is worn out so can’t be adjusted. Only the bass side is adjustable. I got a needle nose on the end and managed to pull the screw out. It appears it was cross threaded . B and g were both flat and because of the screw unadjustable. I know no guitar will ever have perfect intonation, but this was just too far out to dial in with a single adjustment screw on the bass side. Heritage sent a replacement so I should hopefully be good to go soon.
  3. I need the replacement bridge to get here! I so want to play this guitar!
  4. I emailed the fine folks at heritage inquiring about whether the bridge posts are metric or sae and explained I bought a used guitar with a worn out grub screw that I plan on replacing. Their reply was that they are sending me a new bridge even though the instrument is not under warranty! How great is that for customer service? So it looks like I can see if I can get decent intonation with the lightning bolt tail piece after all.
  5. They seem to line up together fine. I think the rounded top one has excess plating and didn’t get cleaned up with a die. I’m trying to figure out if they are SAE or metric so I can order the proper locking studs for the replacement bridge. After further examination it appears that all previous adjustments had been made while under tension as one of the studs has an additional groove worn in. I was able to move the worn out grub screw from the treble side and it also appears to have been cross threaded. I also found that based on the tooling marks on the back of the bridge it is actually a mojoaxe 60s style, so probably not even oem. Now to decide on sticking with mojo axe or going with adjustable for more precise intonation. Leaning towards adjustable.
  6. So I do love the guitar and base tone but it looks like she’s gonna need some TLC. I decided to see if I could adjust the intonation with the lightning bolt bridge a little better. Upon trying it was clear that the adjustment hole on the treble side grub screw is worn out as the Allen head that easily turned the bass screw just rolled around the treble side…no wonder the guitar was not properly intonated. Once I discovered this I realized I am probably going to have to get a new bridge anyway,so I removed the strings so i could take some measurements. Well the high e string was stuck in a very tight nut slot, odd for a guitar that was advertised as having a full set up before shipping, on top of the already poor intonation. Next I removed the bridge posts to determine the center to center spacing of the current bushings and discovered that I have two different studs on this guitar, one rounded top and one with a flatter top. The flat top one goes in and out of both existing bushings very fluidly, while the rounded top one is very rough going and almost feels that it is incorrectly threaded or has excess plating. So it’s looking like new studs as well. Luckily I was able to play and bond with this lovely guitar and don’t mind getting a new bridge and dropping it off with my local tech for a full set up and to get it dialed in just right. A bit frustrating that the money saved on a great deal will likely come close to the cost of a new guitar when all the work and parts are factored in. If I couldn’t see the potential in this guitar I would probably be pretty upset, good thing it is going to become a monster!
  7. What have some of you here used to improve intonation on your H-137? Looks like there are a lot of options. I’m liking the Schroeder bridges but worried about fitment. Anyone rocking a Schroeder on their 137?
  8. What is API? A parts manufacturer for heritage? It looks like the MojoAxe lightning bolt style. Soap bars sure do look great on the TV Yellow.
  9. That looks like the lightning bolt bridge that came on mine. can you get good intonation with that? I need to spend a little time working with mine. I used to have CS LP special with a regular non compensated wraparound that surprisingly didn’t have any intonation issues. I’m hoping an hour with the adjustment screws gets me where I need to be before I go the adjustable route. Great looking guitar by the way!
  10. Yep this weekend is going to be all about the 137!
  11. Guitar arrives safe and sound. It’s really beautiful and has a great sound and feel. I’m having some difficulties adjusting the intonation with the compensated bridge. I may have to get an into stable wraparound, I play some jazzier chords and they sound a little off at different places on the neck. The guitar sounds great and plays so smooth, once I get the intonation issue solved it is likely going to be my #1.
  12. A little stressed because the package was dropped off at my front door at 1:40 and I don’t get out of work until 5. I guess I assumed that there would be signature confirmation as that has been the case for any guitar I had bought anywhere in the past. It’s 90 degrees out but if it’s on the front door it will be in the shade at least. I’m just hoping a bozo doesn’t come along and try to make off with it.
  13. Well here is a photo from Dave’s. I really can’t wait to get this in my hands and crank up the tube amp for some tonal bliss.
  14. So I just bought a used H-137 in old school burst from Daves guitars. Should be here next week. Looking forward to joining the club with my ‘17.
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