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  1. 1 hour ago, DetroitBlues said:

    Best advice is to place it.  See how it feels, how it reacts to you.

    Play it like you want, don’t hold back.  See if it speaks to you.

    Heritages are fine guitar, but not cheap.

    Let us know what you decide.

    Yeah - you're right.  I just have to get out to Gryphon and check it out...

    Most of my guitars are fairly pedestrian - MIM Fenders, the aforementioned Gibbons, etc.  The only really interesting ones I have are this weird Breedlove "Series Z" prototype:



    And this Ron Kirn T-type:




    Kirn 3.jpeg

  2. I have lurked, but never posted here, because I haven't actually owned a Heritage, but am hoping to rectify that in the near future.  I wanted to throw something out - a local guitar shop has a 2016 H-530 available for $2.099, but I am somewhat ignorant regarding the value of these things.  It would fill a hole in my 'arsenal' - I currently do not have a hollow or semi-hollow body, although I do have a Gibbons LP "Junior Special" with P90s I would assume this would have a different range of tones I could call on.  Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing folks opinions regarding whether that price seems reasonable or if I should keep looking.



    2016 Heritage Guitar H-530 Image 1

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