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  1. Shortly after the thread was deleted I reached out to inquire whether the post had violated any forum rules. The response was: "No, not at all. But CME and Heritage asked it to be removed. I guess the Rep wasn't supposed to put wholesale prices in writing". A response that I rather find amusing AND par for the course on all accounts.....
  2. Say what? I was just trying to point out that fuzz pedals generally work best as a tool to color the tone of a riff, particularly, riffs that implement a lot of single note playing. It seemed that Andy's demo was a good example of such. I guess I kinda just look at the "fuzz" pedal as the overdrive pedal for riffs, while the overdrive/distortion pedals are better suited for soloing. Unlike an overdrive or a distortion pedal, I've yet to find a fuzz pedal that can be left "on" for the entire song without having to fight that "mush" you'd described.
  3. When it comes to fuzz, it's all about the riffs!
  4. Very cool. Always nice to see a Sweet 16! Yes sir, I stand corrected.
  5. Laughs. I too was kinda wondering why they'd want to have that cut out and a Gibson Super 400 sitting around in the Heritage booth. Whatever the case......I'm really diggin' that Black H550!!!!!
  6. Looks like Pete built himself a H157 Double Agent. The modded block inlays on that one are slick!
  7. As always, you've done a wonderful job providing a well thought out and rational response to an admittedly romanticized view of the "golden era". The brass at Heritage should truly consider hiring you as a kind of "Mark Agnesi" of brand ambassador. They need one, desperately! I'm totally serious.
  8. That tinderbox was a thousand times cooler than the dentist office that it is now! Looking back I can recall taking about a half a dozen friends or so to the factory for the tour during the golden years. All of them inevitably ended up buying or ordering themselves a Heritage guitar shortly after. Like I posted recently, I haven't been there in over 2 years, nor do I regularly speak with anybody who still works there. I haven't bought myself a new or used Heritage guitar in just as many years, nor do I notice very many other people around here buying them either. Coincidence?
  9. In my opinion any decent "Heritage" museum would need to contain the following: - At least one example of every Heritage production model that's ever been made. - A rotating "custom order" exhibit featuring a large collection of unique custom builds and or employee builds. Perhaps they could entice folks to lend their guitars by offering a lender model of anything in the current production line for the duration of the loan. - An amps and oddities collection showcasing any non-build related Heritage related things, items such as Heritage- Amps, Posters, Catalogs, T-shirts, HRW pick ups, Pickguards, Folk art made of guitar parts, Ect. - A photo museum of pictures taken at 225 during the "Heritage years", it'd be cool if they could find pics of every long term employee that's worked there as well. an exclusive Marvbird (Birds built between 2008-2015) exhibit would be cool!
  10. Outstanding! I love it. Just curious.... Does the emporium accept Bitcoin?
  11. Speaking of museums and what not, What's the current status of all those ambitious plans to convert 225 into a "multi-faceted tourist/business destination"? I personally haven't been to the 225 complex in about 2 years and rarely speak to anyone that's still working there. Outside of the new production area for the Harmony guitars, has there been any actual progress made towards the museum, restaurant/bar, recording studio or performance stage?
  12. Looks like this one might be a good candidate for a professional set up. Is it possible the it's just the nut that's improperly cut.... that's actually fairly common issue umongst the pre 2018 Heritage guitars. Let's see a full frontal of that bad slab! (Just to be clear I'm referring to the H137!)
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