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  1. Sounds Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Fun Fact: These 3177 characters would require 11.3 tweets
  3. For me, the golden era thing isn't really about quality at all. It's about the people, the place and process of how things were done. Like others have said.....the mojo of it all is just gone. I do however see how this view point could be seen as ridiculous.
  4. I've heard nothing but good things about the new era Heritage guitars but I simply prefer my USA built guitar companies not being owned by a couple of Canadian real estate developers and the son of a Chinese billionaire. Golden Era 4 Life!!!!
  5. There's no longer a need to pick sides my friend. Hybrid strains 4 Life!!!!
  6. Good catch Fred! I'd actually forgotten about the circle route being unique to the 150's. Another "hot rodded" feature on both of these "unicorns" is that they were both built with a couple of really old (60's era) Brazilian fingerboards. Best guitars I've ever played!
  7. I've got a couple of really nice H-150 CM's that I modded with Unicorn stickers under the switchplate.....which really took the sound of their Throbak DW-102b's to the next level!!!!
  8. Anyone know the backstory of the "Eric Clapton" autograph on this Stat? I vaguely remember rumors of Heritage building EC a guitar once upon time but can't seem to recall what model he was said to end up with. Whatever the case....I like that Stat a lot!!! It'd be hard to pass up if it was a hardtail.
  9. I'd say it's doubtful that Heritage has anything to worry about here but who really knows what the details of those initial "agreements" looked like? Gibson's new leadership may view the recent regime change at Heritage as the end of the line for any kind of grandfathered leaniency towards the use of their iconic designs. Quite frankly, If I owned Heritage I'd invite such a lawsuit knowing that the media attention alone would likely pay off ten fold. It's also worth noting that any kind of legal budget for a lawsuit with the Bandlab era Heritage vs the Golden era Heritage Company would be DRAMATICALLY different. Meng's pockets are 7 zeros deep...... It'd be foolish of Gibson not to consider that before such a move.
  10. Whoa, that's a wild one. Congrats on a real beauty! So did a luthier have to add a few pieces of wood to the headstock and reshape it or was it a full blown transplant that you might see with a headstock repair? Either way. it looks to be incredibly well done. The checking to the Epi overlay and it's overall wear and tear make that guitar look like it could be 50 or 60 years old. Awesome score!
  11. Very cool on all accounts. Lucky dad, Lucky sons. Congratulations!!!!!
  12. Burpy durp dep durp von fepy dep dory? Derp derp fleppy lep flurp. Hurg hon figgy flon!
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