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  1. Whoa, that's a wild one. Congrats on a real beauty! So did a luthier have to add a few pieces of wood to the headstock and reshape it or was it a full blown transplant that you might see with a headstock repair? Either way. it looks to be incredibly well done. The checking to the Epi overlay and it's overall wear and tear make that guitar look like it could be 50 or 60 years old. Awesome score!
  2. Very cool on all accounts. Lucky dad, Lucky sons. Congratulations!!!!!
  3. Burpy durp dep durp von fepy dep dory? Derp derp fleppy lep flurp. Hurg hon figgy flon!
  4. Sounds good man, It's great to see that your still out there giggin from time to time!
  5. Why ruin a perfectly good acoustic?
  6. DR Pure Blues https://images.app.goo.gl/fbFnsribw2LfAyjx7 Fwiw- That's a nice looking H-535!!!
  7. That definitely sounds like something worth looking into, I just can't imagine you and a guy like Pete Farmer coming up with anything less than spectacular! https://heritageguitars.com/pages/custom-shop
  8. Nice touch sly guy......but wouldn't a - 666 have been more appropriate? Either way, nice touch!
  9. Hell yeah they should worry!!! Even as a Heritage fanboy I can honestly say that the only new Heritage guitar I'd consider buying at this point would be one of those Harmony reboots...only it'd need to say Heritage on the headstock instead of Harmony. Seriously though...Has anyone ever asked anyone if they would do a custom Harmony with a Heritage logo???
  10. Thanks for the report Paul! Glad to hear things are going so well.
  11. Yes sir.....no doubt a risky/most likely idiotic asset reallocation on my end! Who knows though..... a few years from now that Bitcoin might afford me the ability to buy myself a nice Collings. The 4 Heritage Guitars that are left are my 'cold dead handers'.
  12. Long story short.........I traded 5 Heritage Guitars for a Bitcoin.
  13. Just look at all those magnificent snatches!!!
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