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  1. Already there man, one of my greatest achievements as a parent is the fact that my kids (3.5 & 7.5) will occasionally and fruitlessly ask "Alexa" to play some "Uncle Jerry". Oh yeah..Love me some CRB, loved me some Neal Casal as well, damn shame things went the way they did! ?
  2. Hot damn.....That door is even cooler than I thought!!! Sheesh, between this beautifully filtered pic of a door, a love for the Coen Bros and the Dead, not to mention an emerging collection of vintage Heritage Guitars, I'm suddenly feeling an urge to ask you out on a date.....uh I mean.... maybe ask you to start a band or something. But seriously, my wife and kids would NEVER allow me to enjoy myself like that. Almost probably Never. ?
  3. Looking forward to seeing it!
  4. Ha, Glad you got the Lebowski and yes the Kluson Deluxe tuners are great! BTW- I love those vintage doors in your pics....now you just need to find yourself a nice plaintop something or other to match that flame. ?
  5. Those tuners really bring the room together! Congrats on what appears to be an absolutely killer guitar.
  6. ? Thx! Yes sir, great amp! It actually came toe by way of Yooper. Thx! FYI- You can find that tailpiece on All-Parts or maybe even Stumac. They call it a 'trapese tailpiece' Well...I've got an absolutely kick ass 09' H535 in Almond Sunburst and Seth's if you've got an extra BTC laying around. ?
  7. She could be made available for the low low price of just 1 Bitcoin. You buy, you buy!!
  8. + 1 on reaching out to the Heritage Custom Shop: info@petefarmerguitarworks.com Here's a full hollow Prospect that I had built back in 2014. It's an unbelievably well built and versatile guitar!
  9. Say what? I was just trying to point out that fuzz pedals generally work best as a tool to color the tone of a riff, particularly, riffs that implement a lot of single note playing. It seemed that Andy's demo was a good example of such. I guess I kinda just look at the "fuzz" pedal as the overdrive pedal for riffs, while the overdrive/distortion pedals are better suited for soloing. Unlike an overdrive or a distortion pedal, I've yet to find a fuzz pedal that can be left "on" for the entire song without having to fight that "mush" you'd described.
  10. When it comes to fuzz, it's all about the riffs!
  11. Fantastic!!!!!!! The H-537 is a very rare bird.
  12. Congrats!! Be careful.....Sh*t can get out of hand pretty quick with these things!
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