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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TP3hxJQl6Y ...Played by Gregor HILDEN. Great musician !
  2. The only info i have is that Gibson has left some necks before moving to Nashville. These necks were used but black painted with new logo.... Urban legend or not...?
  3. Hi... Thanks for comments. I ve made several research. Not found any Heritage with open book headstock.if you have infos... Please tell me. This one comes from a reputable european professionnal seller. If it's a new neck, how can the luthier duplicate exactly the inscription behind headstock ?
  4. Hi from Europe (Belgium), I'm Max. 38 years old. Been playing guitar since early 90's. I play as semi-professionnal.I've learnt so much interesting things through this forum since lots of year. I own (too much) differents guitars and several LP (Greco, Tokai and Bacchus). Recently I have bought a nice and old Heritage H 150. Since twenty years, I always hope to buy one... Here's its specs : 1993 Heritage in vintage sunburst. The headstock has been expertly reshaped by a professional luthier to the classic Gibson "open book" shape - looks just great! Upgraded with Seymour Duncan Antiquity and aged '59 humbuckers, aged Tone-Pros/Kluson tuners, light weight aluminium tailpiece, nickel-plated vintage bridge, Gibson pickguard, aged pickup rings, Gibson knobs w/ metal pointer washers, aged Switch Tip, aged DMC 59 trussrod-cover. Comes with original case. The condition is excellent plus. I'm waiting for it to be delivered.
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