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  1. falcon47

    '04 Prospect

    I have to add to this post- In my haste, I said my Prospect has Lollars. It doesn't. It has Seth Lovers, and I love them! I looked at the Gibson 339's, but I almost wanted to take a shower after the Gibson. What a big disappointment. Can't go wrong with a Heritage! I'm now looking at an H555, not sure when it was made, but I think it's 1995. Serial Number L00301-Fantastic grainy natural top-Looks as good as my '97 Bluesbird. Thanks guys!
  2. falcon47

    '04 Prospect

    After years of drooling over these guitars, I've finally gotten my hands on a beautiful '04 Prospect. It has the red sunburst finish, which I have never seen on another one. I knew it was going to be good, but it's better than that. The neck is just right, and it has Lollar humbuckers, immaculate condition. I had to trade a nice guitar plus an amp for it, but I'm a happy boy! I might still be interested in an H-555, if anybody has a nice one in immaculate condition, and they'd want to take some at least partial trades for. (Not the Prospect) I was thinking about adding a Bigsby, but still not decided on that. Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated. At 65, I'm more into collector mode now. However, this Prospect will get played and so will the 555 if I ever end up with one. I simply cannot believe people will pay so much for a Gibson 339, when they could have a smaller body guitar like the Prospect, with 10 times the quality. Glad to finally be in this group.
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