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  1. Paul, one I tried at the store yesterday was the small Band Of Gypsy's Fuzz by Dunlop, sounds great for around$120 bucks.
  2. I like the Klein's a bunch, have put the in a few customers guitars, sound great, and he makes three different ones too.
  3. I like the Keeley Monterey Fuzz in front of my old Twin Reverb, with an Exotic Effects RP. Get most any sounds with that set up, and the modulation side of the Moterey is killer as well.
  4. smaj

    '86 H140CM Custom - ACB

    They laminated over from the factory according to Marv.
  5. smaj

    '86 H140CM Custom - ACB

    I had BLS post these pictures for me of the H-140 Custom. Thank's for looking, SMAJ.
  6. smaj

    '97 H150DLX Limited

    I have heard this all before!! I would have kept it!
  7. Hello, I'M SMAJ here, but Dave is the name. I know brentrocks from others sites, he is always looking for unique Hetitages. I see from your pics brent, that you found the Firebird looking model, nice.
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