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  1. Well all - have decided to sell (too many impulse buys lately - can't afford to keep them all). Posting in the sale section. Will take what I paid for it. It's plays great and sounds wonderful, but I have been purchasing way too many lately. Hope someone from here grabs it.
  2. It's somewhere between 9 and 10 pounds.
  3. Inlaid logo - like the old Gibson logo (The Gibson).
  4. Just got another Heritage (I've owned quite a few of them over the years). I was perusing the Gear Page Emporium a week and a half ago, and had no intent on buying another guitar but noticed this beauty from Wolfe Guitars. I thought - if I were to custom order a 150, this is exactly how I would order it (what are the odds). Tobacco Sunburst with premium top ($400 upgrade), bound peghead which I love on Heritage guitars (had a 535 with that), inlaid logo, AND most importantly a 59 style neck. Pickups had been swapped out with Seth Lovers (which I personally love). So what the heck - I ordered it! Wolfe Guitars seems to get the cream of the crop due to their status. Another example of supreme Kalamazoo workmanship, and can keep up with an Les Paul R guitar (I had an R8).
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