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  1. LOL! Thanks all. How could I have possibly guessed that I could get affirmation to leave it "as is" here? I do remember where some of those dings occurred. The deep one was from a young lady's high heel that I fell onto as I was playing a benefit show at a local bar some 25 years ago. The odd thing is was that my brother was wearing it while playing the drums! His sneaker on one foot and one stiletto from some chick on the other. He stuck his leg up to keep me from crashing into his drum set. I kind of wish it was the sneaker foot, but alas, it was a heel dagger. We were pretty lit after several hours of playing for free beer, and I was flying around during our version of "Burning Down the House". We saved the only bar in town from foreclosure, and people were dancing on main street all night. It was awesome.
  2. I've had my 1986 Stat since new. It's been used long and hard, and shows it. I just completed a re-fret, and just have the nut to install and set up. I'm looking at it and thinking perhaps i should either refinish it while I have the time, or just spot repair the dings. I think the finish is nitro, correct? Here are some pics. What do you all think?
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Marc, and known as the Bleeb. I have a 1986 Heritage Stat which I bought new after trading in a 1979 Ibanez Artist. Currently, I am refretting it with the original 47 x 104's, and taking care of a few dings that have accumulated over the years. It's truly a battle axe - and I'm amazed it is still in such great shape. A testament to build quality. I have to replace the Dimarzios that I put in it a couple of decades ago with the original pickups which I still have (amazingly). I did manage to misplace the back control cover though. I tried to upload a pic, but there was a processing glitch.
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