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  1. DTiller

    Three of my favorite things

    I definitely was someone who wanted to really see the top on that thing. That is quite the curl in that maple it's absolutely beautiful!!
  2. DTiller

    Wiring Questions

    Hello all, I'm trying to get an idea of whether or not this wiring is even possible to achieve for a Heritage Stat I am working on. Maybe I am over complicating it and it is definitely overkill but I really don't know what I'm doing at all when it comes to wiring. I'm not the biggest fan of push-pulls and plan on adding mini-toggles for all of the phase switching, series switching, and coil splitting. switching diagram PDF.pdf
  3. DTiller

    Heritage Stat Project

    It was a lot harder than I planned but I was able to find one on ebay. I appreciate your input, first question I asked was whether the arm was stripped in the cam! I'm glad I went with a vintage one too, saved me lots of $$$
  4. DTiller

    Heritage Stat Project

    I'll add some more pictures when I get them into a format that works on here but here's the guitar after it arrived! Couldn't help doing a little editing to help the flame pop. It's from 2/26/87, and is in pretty much the expected condition. Some dings here and there and some rough spots that could use lots of sanding. Modern Heritage truss rod keys won't fit on the truss rod because it is mounted too close to the back of the route it fits in and was loose enough to finger tighten. This at first seemed like a huge issue but then again there isn't string tension and it seemed to tighten so I'm not sure how concerning that actually is. Rosewood board is very dry and has seen better days but I'm still hoping that it's salvageable. If anyone has any finish suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Or wiring input...at the moment I'm planning on leaving the three way to operate as neck and middle/all three/bridge, with the three on/off toggles that I will add functioning only in the middle position. Also the coil split for the bridge and a series/parallel for the neck and middle...I know NOTHING about wiring and am not even sure if this is possible so any more knowledgeable input would be appreciated.
  5. DTiller

    Heritage Stat Project

    I'll be refering back to this post frequently that's the most in depth overview of Kahlers I've seen anywhere, thanks a ton....I'm thinking a vintage one is the way to go then, saves me some cash so can't complain there! Just might be hard to find the right color but I haven't even settled on a color for the guitar so that's another story....seriously thanks for all the reviews, and the Stat pictures...that's a beautiful Deluxe Big Bob!
  6. DTiller

    Heritage Stat Project

    No need to have a reason to share guitar pictures. That thing is gorgeous, any thoughts on the functionality of the on/off toggles? In theory I like them a lot but I have never actually used a guitar with them installed. Thanks for the Kahler tips, it seems like most of the hate I've seen is a result of in-proper use so that makes sense. I didn't realize either that they could be easily locked which is an awesome feature. Appreciate it!
  7. DTiller

    Heritage Stat Project

    It's hard to tell on the pictures if there is an arm contour or not so I guess I'll just have to wait and see! That is a great story with Marv, good luck calling the factory and getting anything like that now:/ he actually took a look at this post for me and thought it was a DLX based on the figuring on the top but didn't do too much examining. Thanks for the advice on the Kahler, I'll probably stay away from filling the route and see how I like it. I like the look of them so if theu function I'm sold. As far as the mini toggles I'm thinking about adding them and leaving the 3 way as well...giving me one position of all there pickups being active so I can turn them on and off from there as I wish...maybe I'll come up with a better plan but I've never had a 3 pickup guitar in all honesty so just brainstorming options at this point. And as far as the Brazilian board I'll probably have to stick with either the figured maple or rosewood it's comes with! I figure if I go with the rosewood I can maybe salvage the maple for a headstock veneer and cavity covers but who knows!
  8. DTiller

    Heritage Stat Project

    I have a 93' H-157 with a blade with for a neck so I'm familiar with the territory! Hopefully I can get some updates when it arrives. The seller also believed that the top was still waiting to be carved, but the binding already being on would make me assume it is just a flat top model. I think I have seen Stats both ways but if anyone knows for certain please correct me.
  9. DTiller

    Heritage Stat Project

    Hopefully all the pencil comes off it without a problem because I was a big fan of the wood myself! And yes my other question would be if anyone has experience with the top mounted Kahlers on Stats? I am on the fence on whether to just fill it or not because contrary to what I thought Kahlers are available new, so who knows maybe some of the quality issues are resolved. https://www.kahlerusa.com/
  10. DTiller

    Heritage Stat Project

    Well...not positive what I've gotten myself into besides being positive that I'm in over my head. https://reverb.com/item/15140750-heritage-stat-1989-unfinished Was curious if anyone could guess what model this would have been? I think I know it's a Stat but that's about all. It looks like it's routed for a coil tap, master volume, master tone, and a three way toggle but I have never seen a Stat without either the individual mini toggles or a blade switch. From some additional pictures I got, it looks like it's an 87 instead of an 89 from a pencil date mark in the neck pickup cavity. Any thoughts or input is appreciated!
  11. DTiller

    Special Invitation To New Members

    One more for good measure.
  12. DTiller

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Hello all, I'm new here and thought I'd post some pictures of the Heritage's in the family. The Silverburst is my baby and the rest are my dad's. Big fans of the 157's:)