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  1. Hey all, I’m about to get started on a PU changeout (new Seth Lovers) on my 94 H-150, including the wiring harness. I was just wondering, is it worthwhile shielding the cavities (PU’s, Control, and Jack)? Have any of you tried this, or is it a waste of time? By the way, the cavities are painted, as far as I can see. Have a great day Tom
  2. Thank you all for your input and experiences. It is very much appreciated. It’s fantastic to have a place/forum to ask these questions, otherwise I would be in no mans land. I’ve decided to go with Seth Lovers, thanks to your replies . They’re also slightly cheaper than Antiquities, and are more available here in Northern Europe. I can see that I can get them in 2 wire or 4 wire connector cable. 4 wire version is slightly more expensive, but it gives more options, if I wish to change things around in the future. Does anybody have experience of using these? In regards to a new wiring harness/kit, I’ve been reading a little bit up on that. Anybody used one from StewMac, with CTS pots and Switchcraft switch? Thanks again Tom
  3. Hey all. Hope you’re all keeping well in these strange times! I was considering changing out the Pups on my ‘94 H-150, as I have a little bit of spare cash from selling one of my other guitars. I was fairly sure I had Schallers, until I checked the neck pickup, and found out, I had a ‘59 SD there. I haven’t checked the bridge yet. I’m fairly sure these PUPs are installed when the guitar was made, as its a limited edition. I’ve been considering changing the PUPs to either new SD Seth Lovers or Antiquities. I mostly play blues/rock through a tube amp with or without overdrive. I don’t use a lot of effects pedals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day Tom
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