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  1. The owner confirmed that the paint was removed, and also provided a photo of the cavity cover, with serial number. Thanks LK155 and TalismanRich for your valuable input. It is very much appreciated. Thanks again Tom
  2. Thanks for the reply Vanschoyck. The description was in German. As far as I can understand he’s stripped the paint job off the back of the neck and headstock. I presume the serial number went with the paint, or he’s retouched the photo
  3. Hi folks, I’ve found a 2011 Heritage Millennium Ultra Standard for sale without a serial number on the back of the headstock. The guitar is for sale online in Europe. Is it just me that thinks this is weird or have others on this forum seen similar? The colour of the neck also looks a little strange? Let me know what you think? Tom
  4. Yeah, really appreciate all the help I’ve gotten from you guys. I think I had a slight advantage buying it HANGAR18, as you live approximately 4200 miles away from where I bought it 😁. Unfortunately the market for Heritage Guitars is very small here in Europe, used market is almost nonexistent. Really lucky to get my hands on a used one. Heritage/Thomann do sell new guitars online, but I find it hard to even think about buying a guitar without trying it out first.
  5. Thanks guys for all the help. I popped the control panel and it’s definitely a limited edition deluxe. H-150 DLX LTD ED. ACB is on the label, as per attached photo. I’ll wait to check the pickups on my next string change.
  6. Thanks Skydog, it sure does. By the way I love your username
  7. Thanks Big Bob. Yeah, there’s a 3 digit serial # over the “K” serial #. Really happy I bought it.
  8. Hi All. I’ve recently bought (what I’m pretty sure is) a ‘94 H150 CM and was hoping someone might have a 1994 catalog or price guide. Thanks in advance Tom.
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