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  1. better to invest in a good quality guitar lead, old guitar leads will pick up far more interference than a humbucker will
  2. HI Gianluca I took a closer look at my H-150 (2018 model) and found the string height at the bridge looked to be the same as yours ~ 20mm, but at the 12th fret it's about 1/2 mm lower. but.. the saddles are at the pickup side of the bridge. the guitar seems to play well, so I'm guessing your bridge height is OK too even if it feels a bit tall. I suspect th nexck relief needs slight adjustment, but that's not something I've experience of on my guitar, take care.
  3. hi My name is Martin, but I'm known as Keith Spangle on the internet, and I'm a very lucky person. You may have seen a review of a the H-150 & H-137 on guitar.com. You can find it here - https://guitar.com/review/electric-guitar/review-heritage-h-137-h-150/ . The magazine then gave away the H-150 from this review as the prize in a promotional competition in the UK, and I had the good fortune to win it. My other guitars are Les Paul Goldtop classic 2018, Fender telecaster and a 1980s Westone prestige 250 (kudos if you've played on of those). I used to play them all a lot more before the Heritage showed up I'm looking forward to finding out a lot more about the Heritage guitar company, the H-150 and the family of owners Cheers
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