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  1. Hey everybody, I've been eyeing Heritage for awhile now and finally picked up a used H-150 at a GC in my area. After playing a 2017 model at my local shop, the neck was a tad too chunky for my tastes so I found an older model with the thinner neck which is pretty much perfect for me. I called and got the serial number, which turned out to be a 1994 model and was in great shape so I went for it - had to drive an hour to get it but it was worth it! The bridge pup sounded harsh and not too dynamic to me - I thought it had the Schallers but turned out to be the SD '59. So I swapped it out with a Bare Knuckle Black Dog that I had and it sounds great now! I liked the neck tone so I left that one in. It was really grimy too and the fret board was really dry so I cleaned her up with some soapy water and an old t-shirt, oiled the fb with some fret doctor, put some new strings on and it plays and sounds great now! Not sure about the Schaller hardware yet but I do dig the functionality of it. However, may have the nut changed to bone soon. Here is a pic when I first brought it home:
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