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  1. @loudtubeamps This guitar came with the covers. I think it is mainly had to due to aesthetics as many people like the look of the uncovered pickups on the 150's and 140's. If I correctly recall a lot of the quilted or flamed maple blue stained tops looked really good with the covers off showing the black single coils. The HRWs are awesome if you can find them.
  2. My personal favorite Heritage dealer is Jay Wolfe in Florida. He loves these guitars and has his own private collection.
  3. If I remember correctly when Heritage reintroduced the 140/150 Goldtop in the mid 2000s they did a run that was mixed and sprayed by the gentleman who did the original G goldtoops. That's awesome.
  4. Thank for the kind reply's. ....yeah, introducing the complete binding on the 2nd edition was a really nice touch. The cream has aged nicely. I have pics of the guitar uploaded to a Facebook album. See the link below. If you can't all view it then I will upload the pics from PC but I have a ton of pics in the FB album posted below. Let me know if you have trouble viewing it. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=peerless.tone.9&set=a.106011967607884
  5. It's good to be back! I stopped playing for a few years. I stayed in the music industry running a small record label selling techno in Europe and doing AR work. It was an amazing experience. My job mainly consisted of sourcing out talented artist in electronic music and licensing remixes and working with the artist to create tracks to the labels taste. We released amazing sounds from an unknown German artist who was 18 years old. We also haggled with some of the bigger dogs making music for Ibiza clubs and scored a few solid releases that charted on the techno and deep house char
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