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  1. Thank you Heritage guitar helps me. It's always big sound and it inspire me.
  2. In my time of dying, I remember your tele tone in spite of forgetting my tone. Now I always play with imagine your full range guitar tone. Thank you
  3. Oh you should stay healthy and keep good playing. Health is a treasure. Thank you for your kind words.
  4. I forgot so many finger move so trained hard then I call back some moves. Now I stay home so can't use amps but Heritage's big sound helps me
  5. Every sound box you have are good one. Your tele and voice tone is "this is telecaster" and this is rock" Thank you for posting great rock n roll
  6. really cool tone.This is tele sound I always thought.
  7. Ive never played collings so I want to know how about it and comparision with Heritages. But is Collings laminated? So Is it good to compare with same build guitar like jimhall or 175? Personally, about detail finishing and accuracy, some guitars are good than Heritages. D'aquisto jim hall is in. it's made in Japan. But I love Heritage's some sweet tone in midrange, and wild sound power that have very large potential of sustaine and soundedge. So I want to know how collings is.
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