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  1. Oh,Thank you Gitfiddler san always. I ll train more and make good sound from Heritage more!
  2. Sorry so many posting. but I can't edit 1st post and video embedding. OMG😪 I play my funny valentine so if you have time, please listen to it
  3. Thank you TalismanRich. I can't play variant guitars because images of fingerboard get confused in my brain 🤣
  4. Oh,thank you ej150. I'm very glad to hear that and your words make me more train!
  5. Thank you kennyv4. I'll keep playing guitar!!!
  6. Thank you skydog52. I really love Duane and Dickey's tone of In Memory of Elizabeth Reed and BlueSky. They and Mr Johnny Smith are my longing tone.
  7. I'm sorry for posting a lot. I play "how high the moon".This is my best I can do now. 10 years ago I quit play guitar for some reason but I can't forget this song. So I re-start playing guitar 2 years ago. then I got Heritage Sweet16 once I own it but sold for economic reason. and Now I play my Sweet16. I can't play many diffetent guitars for technical reason so It maybe my lifetime guitar. If you have time, please listen it.
  8. Good and powerful tone. really bright tone make me happy today, always thank you rockablliy69.
  9. Hi rockabilly69, thank you for listenin it. me want to listen your tele tone. please play some stuff!
  10. Thanks, Sweet16 is really awesome and sting is genius !
  11. Thank you, Sting is really great musician.he is genius.
  12. Thank you for listening😄 I'm really sad Sweet16 has been discontinued.
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