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  1. No problem, thank you borelo san.
  2. Thank you! I think your tele is always good tone too so want to listen !
  3. Thank you TalismanRich ! I ll train more !
  4. Thank you, Sweet16 always helps me. I really want to say thanks to JP Moats.
  5. Thank you, this is literally tone from hell !
  6. Thanks a lot I ll train more and more I'm happy to be able to practice with Sweet16!
  7. Hi, I play Heritage Sweet16 at New Year's Eve. Last year I got cerebral infarction so I ll sell it off. But thanks to rehab I can play guitar same as before. Film quality is terrible and durling performance I call my pick's name. awful quality. So please listen it if you have so much time for killing.
  8. Thank you, I really love this guitar and respect JP moats. Now I ask Heritage company that Is there a possibility JP made my guitar but there is no answer yet, Hahaha
  9. Hi, I play "I ll remember april" I didn't use delay effect or chorus one. only reverb on 2~3 knob. But sounds like use their. I like that feeling so love more my sweet16.
  10. Really thank you ! Wow, Johnny and Kenny bought Heritage by themseves...
  11. Sorry,but I can not fix Gibbon's I can't edit that. why become GIBBON? prohobit word?
  12. I'm not very familiar about that So I want to know Are they personal customers of Heritage Founder ?
  13. Every sound box you have are good one. Your tele and voice tone is "this is telecaster" and this is rock" Thank you for posting great rock n roll
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