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  1. I can see that the sound is good just by looking at it. Really great guitar.
  2. Thank you all. I appreciate your helps.
  3. I use 014~ strings but never loose them after playing. but I don't know it's right way or not. I think Heritage's 3-piece maple neck is very solid, Anyone loosen them after playing?
  4. Thank you always! Yes, this round wound strings is really great. I really love it.
  5. Thank you! Thomastik 014~ Round wound, not flat wound! Now I really love this set.
  6. Hi, I play "All the things you are" with my Heritage Sweet16. If you have a time, Please listen to it. Thank you.
  7. Oh thank you always!! Now I'm fine and want to hear your tone again.
  8. Really thank you for your kind words!!
  9. I love too. Thank you for listening to that!!
  10. Thank you, I love their version. Big chorus and amazin guitar. Les is monster.
  11. Hi, I play How high the moon with heritage archtop. If you have time please listen to in.
  12. Sorry I'm wrong how to say. not using guitar amps but connected home stereo system.
  13. Hi I changed my play style a little bit along with the Heritage Archtop's sweet tone. I don't use any amps so this is a genuine Heritage tone I think. If you have time please listen to it. I always appreciate for your listening to my playing. Really thank you. Sorry for so many postings.
  14. In Japan people loves New Heritage than originals because they don't know about Jazz so much. Many people loves solid guitar and New Heritage does great work about that. Original Heritage isn't great so much about their business especially about branding and pricing. New company does great about that I think. Of course I 'm crazy about archtops made by original 4 and Aaron cowles, but New Heritage Is great.
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