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  1. I’m in Sweden too. That looks like an all mahogany Eagle except it’s 18 inches and has set in humbuckers. Haven’t seen any Super Eagles like that but they made lots of different guitars back then. My all mahogany Eagle was around 25k SEK when I bought it, might have gone up some since then. Yours would probably be some more given the inlays and size, but a repaired neck crack is likely to impact the price. Reverb is useless these days with pure fantasy prices, recent policy changes make people go elsewhere with their sales. These are great guitars, best of luck with the sale.
  2. Thanks Gitfiddler, that puts it in context. Still curious about the rationale why an all mahogany L5. It’s a very well built archtop and has a big fat electric sound through the Zoller pickup that some previous owner installed. The bridge is a tune-o-matic but the catalog shows wooden bridge so it’s probably aftermarket. Here is a photo as requested.
  3. Aha... and what do they change Heritage to over at the Gibbons forum then?
  4. I just love autocorrect... so how do I edit the post to change the monkey to a well known guitar brand? Can't find the edit button...
  5. Hi all, new member here. I recently got a Heritage Eagle from 2002 with a floating pickup. It looks like all mahogany. Sounds and plays great, but this is my first archtop and I’m kind of a noob when it comes to archtops in general. I can’t help noticing that all mahogany archtops are not that common. So my question is, for Heritage, what was the idea behind an all mahogany archtop? A particular sound, reimagining some previous Gibbons model?
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